Best Towel To Use For Curly Hair

best towel to use for curly hair
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So, you are looking for ways to improve the overall health of your hair. And for that reason you’re especially looking for the best towel to use for curly hair. Obviously, the products you use to care of it are a fundamental part of having beautiful hair, but they are not the only thing that counts in that quest.

No matter how much you invest in shampoos and masks, if you don’t change some of your routines you won’t see results. And although eating well is a basic for having good hair, we don’t mean that but rather the gestures that we (almost mechanically) make every day.

It’s already been proven that bad combing greatly affects the health of our hair, but now we’ve discovered that drying our hair with a common towel (the ones you use after a bath or shower, for example) is spoiling it. How? Well, thanks to all those rubbing movements that are breaking your hair, in addition to other less obvious things.

It’s not about stopping your hair drying with a towel, it’s about finding the specific towel for it. You may think it’s silly but we assure you that it’s not, that if you really want to take care of your hair, just as you changed your shampoo at the time, now it’s time to leave the cotton body towels and start investing in towels made of special fibers.

One of the best options for curly hair is to use microfiber towels. What makes this towel different from the others is that it is made from ultra-fine fibers that give it a series of superior properties to other fabrics, including a silky feel. It really feels super soft. The finer the fibers, the finer the gap between them, which favors the formation of channels through which water is absorbed, without damaging the cuticle.

Microfiber fibers are 2 times thinner than silk, 3 times thinner than cotton and 100 times thinner than human hair. Can you believe it? The soft texture of the microfiber dries the curls, sublimating or exalting their shape without disturbing them unlike our conventional towel that produces a lot of frizz.

How To Use It

After getting out of the shower, squeeze the wet curls with the towel, without rubbing from one side to the other in the hair, making an upward movement, to define them without creating frizz.

After doing your definition routine, you can also use it to remove the excess product applied and dry your hair a little more.

Benefits Of The Microfiber Towel

1. Anti-static, which prevents frizz in the hair.

2. Extra soft to give a super nice feeling when drying your hair.

3. High quality, lint-free, colorfast, non-deforming, wash resistant fabric – designed to last! (You can use it up for 500 times, which is a lot more sessions than you get from a cotton towel, so you also save money).

4. Perfectly absorbent to keep curls moist.

5. Microfiber can absorb between 7 and 8 times its weight in water (twice than that of cotton).

The Best Brands

  • DevaCurl DevaTowel. This company has 25 years of experience with curly hair, which makes it the top elected brand for taking care of it (their products have a wide range, and of course, it includes special towels for curly-haired women).

  • Turbie Twist Microfiber Towel. Worried about over-drying your curls? You can forget about that, as this brand is an excellent choice for that. It is also adjustable, so you won’t have to try to balance a bulky towel on your head anymore.

  • Evolatree Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel

  • YYXR Hair Turban