How Many Towels Can You Put In A Washing Machine?

how many towels can you put in a washing machine
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Although generally, it is estimated that about 8 or 9 bath towels, the truth is that there is no answer too concrete to this question. You would have to know the load capacity of your washing machine to know how many towels you can put in a single batch. The more clothes we put inside the drum, the less space will be left for the detergent to dissolve in the water and, consequently, more possibilities for our garments to get dirty or stained.

In addition, we have to add the misuse of the detergent and the degree of water hardness in our machines, since we do not take that detail into account, with the direct consequence of a majority loss of the life of our washing machine.

You must take into account that the most delicate fibers and the fastest washing cycles require a smaller load to allow the garments to move, that is why, for synthetic or delicate clothing, the load must be even smaller so they can move better in the drum.  You should also remember that, when washing comforters, blankets and towels we should not mix it with clothes. They all have to be washed separately.

The load of the washing machine is measured in kilograms and the choice should be related to the amount of clothes you usually wash, and to the people who live at home.

Standard washing machines usually have a capacity that oscillates between 4 to 12 kg. When loading the machine, it should not be overfilled, for machines with a capacity of 4-5 kg, approximately 2 kg for synthetic fabric and 5 kg for cotton or blends.

But you can use soft quality towel to save the space in the washing machine. Here are some of the best available in the market:

The washing machines that are capable of washing more kg usually carry some program that knows how to wash correctly with less kg than those that it is capable of washing, in order to save and not spend as much as if the load was complete. There are washing machines that even detect the load they have in the drum and, depending on that, regulate the water, detergent and softener to be used in washing.

How Much Do Clothes Weigh?

Below, we provide the average weight of the most common garments; this weight may vary but it will give us a better idea of the number of garments we can put in the washing machine.

  • Sheet (Cotton)= 650 g
  • Pillowcase (Cotton)= 150 g
  • Sheet (Polyester-Cotton) 450 g
  • Pillowcase (Polyester-Cotton) = 120 g
  • White quilt (Cotton)= 1.000 g
  • Bath towel (Cotton terry) = 650 g
  • Hand towel (cotton terry) = 200 g
  • Bidet towel (cotton terry) = 50 g
  • Bathroom mat (Cotton towelling) = 175 g
  • Tablecloth 4 (Polyester-Cotton) = 250 g
  • Tablecloth 12 (Polyester-Cotton) = 850 g
  • Napkin (Polyester-Cotton) = 60 g

Washing Machines According To The Number Of Residents In A House

You live alone or with your couple. Although you don’t need much of a load because you won’t have a lot of clothes to wash, we recommend a 6 kg washing machine. With this large capacity machine, you can wash large items such as duvets, cushions or curtains.

For three.  An 8 kg washing machine, should be enough.

A family of 4. The best washing machine for average families is a 9kg washing machine.

For large families. This type of family washed more clothes than the rest. Therefore, the 12 kg load washer is the best. With the maximum capacity in the range of washing machines you can wash all the children’s stained clothes, sheets, and you will not find the closet without clothes at the end of the week.