Are Bathtubs Becoming Obsolete? [3 Considerations]

Are Bathtubs Becoming Obsolete?
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A bathtub is one of the most important parts of a bathroom. Be it based on functionality or looks, bathtubs are an important part of your home.

The importance of bathtubs should never be undermined.

In this post, we’ll talk about are bathtubs becoming obsolete or not…

Are Bathtubs Becoming Obsolete?

Bathtubs are certainly not on the way to becoming obsolete.

Americans still love them, and more than any other country. The problem with bathtubs isn’t that they’re becoming obsolete, it’s that Americans are getting too fat to use them.

The average American bathtub is 14-20 inches deep, with many being much deeper. That’s perfect for an average height adult with no extra weight, but for a large overweight person, it can be a challenge to get in and out. So they use showers instead.

And that’s bad for the environment because as far as water is concerned, showers are worse than bath tubs. Bathtubs use less water, and in shower water is get wasted a lot.

Best Modern Bath Tubs Available In The Market

1.      Habitual

The bathtub is an indispensable commodity for bathrooms. It is a luxury that is available to people who can afford it.

Bathtubs are not easily replaced by showers. The habit of using the bathtub is hard to change, even if there are other ways to bathe.

2.      Comfort

Bath tubs can be comfortable and relaxing. Some bath tubs are specifically built to be very comfortable.

They have wide, flat steps leading into the tub and they have plenty of room to sit and lie down. Most bath tubs have a way you can adjust the water temperature and some even have whirlpool jets that can massage your back and neck.

Some bath tubs even have a place to put a book and a few candles so you can relax and unwind even more. If you have a bath tub in your home, you may want to try adding a few things to make yourself more comfortable inside a bath tub.

3.      Stylish

When we think of bath tubs, we often think of the old fashioned, bulky, and heavy bath tubs that we often see in old classic movies.

Well, these bath tubs were great because 3 kids at the same time can have fun with a water bath and the water doesn’t run over.

But, those bath tubs were quite old school. Fortunately, bath tubs have evolved and they are now more functional, safer and stylish.

You can find bath tubs in various shapes and sizes. Bath tubs are available in many different styles and colors.

Wrapping It Up

So no bathtubs are not obsolete nor they can ever be because the usecase of bathtubs is much better than just a plain shower.