What Are The Black Dots On My Beauty Blender? [3 Considerations]

What Are The Black Dots On My Beauty Blender?
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Whether you’re a makeup aficionado or a complete novice, chances are that you’ve heard of the beauty blender. This pink egg-shaped sponge has become an essential tool in the world of cosmetics. And with good reason! The unique shape and material is incredibly effective at making your foundation look natural and flawless.

What makes the beauty blender so great? And how does it actually work to improve your makeup application? It’s a topic of another day.

In this post, we’ll talk about what are the black dots on my beauty blender?

Let’s find out!

What Are The Black Dots On My Beauty Blender?

If you’ve ever owned a beauty blender sponges, then you know they are one of the most genius makeup tools out there. The only problem is they can get moldy if you don’t clean them often enough. Yes, even this beloved beauty product is prone to getting dirty and moldy.

Luckily for us, if your beauty blenders do get moldy, they can still be cleaned. You can use:

  • Hot water
  • Bar soap or liquid soap
  • Rub until you feel satisfied
  • Rinse and repeat 1-2 more times

3 Best Makeup Sponges To Get

1.      Mold

A beauty blender is an essential part of any girl’s makeup bag, but they can quickly turn from cute to creepy if they become covered in mold.

These black dots are a sign that your beauty blender is in need for a deep cleanse. The black dots you see are actually the color of gunk that has built up on your beauty blender over time, and this gunk/mold needs to be removed before it can cause any damage to your skin.

2.      How To Avoid Black Dots On Beauty Blender?

Black dots on beauty blenders are a common problem for those who use them. They appear because the sponge absorbs too much product. The more product you use, the bigger the black dots will be.

So, to avoid this problem, you need to learn how much product you need and use. You can also fix this problem by washing your beauty blender regularly.

3.      Replace Every 3-6 Months Depending On Your Usage

A lot of women are not aware of this but beauty blenders, a staple in a make-up kit, should be replaced after every 3-6 months. The reason is simple: bacteria and other microorganisms grow on the sponges and could cause acne or infections if you use them after they should have been thrown you can expect issues with your skin.

This might sound not so true, but the truth is that these things live in our bathrooms, absorbing dirt and oils from our skin, without us even noticing it. They are then transferred to the skin when we apply our moisturizer, foundation or any other product which we usually use on our skin.