Can A Room Be A Bedroom Without A Window?

Can A Room Be A Bedroom Without A Window?
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Windows are the most essential item when it comes to home.

They let the air pass and you can throw things through them.

Moreover, they are a great source of sunlight as in today’s day and age we humans hardly get sun energy which is as essential as air.

But unfortunately, we consider sunlight as something that is harmful for humans when simply this is not the case.

At least, the window is a necessity when you place plants in your bedroom as most plants do need sunlight to work otherwise they’ll die.

In this post, we’ll discuss can a room be a bedroom without a window?

Let’s find out…

Can A Room Be A Bedroom Without A Window?

The short answer is, YES.

The room can’t be considered as a bedroom only when there are not at least 2 entrance possibilities.

If both of those possibilities are fulfilled via door than the room will still be considered as a bedroom even if there’s no window installed in it.

Window Laws

United Kingdom: There’s no specific law in the UK about the necessity of a window in the bedroom. Every room is considered as a bedroom when there’s a bed setup in it.

Canada: Canada is strict when it comes to windows. But why is that? It’s because they require every bedroom to have a window in it so in case of an emergency people can save them via window with outside help involved of course. This law is for our own benefit.

Australia: Australia law to this is pretty simply and based on percentages which to our opinion is a great idea. This law is also known as BCA (Building Code of Australia) which states that:

  • Bedroom must have windows
  • The window should be 10% of a total bedroom size
  • Ventilation should be 5% according to the room size

United States: According to the United States, a bedroom will not be considered as a bedroom if there’s no window inside of it. Meaning you should have windows inside of your bedroom to fulfill this criterion.

Window Is Essential

Our advice is not to miss a window inside your bedroom because it’s one of the great ways to fight with your boredom. You can always look outside your window and get some fresh air if you’re nothing much to do.

Or perhaps just get a sun bath if the sunlight direction is right on the bed.

Have at least 1 plant to put on the window border so that it can get adequate amount of sunlight and keep itself healthy.

Wrapping It Up

Technically, the bedroom should have at least two methods of withdrawal of air regardless of wherever you’re living.

But, in most cases you can bypass this rule either by having a window or a 2nd exterior door inside your bedroom.