Is It Ok To Never Bathe A Cat? [3 Considerations]

Is It Ok To Never Bathe A Cat?
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Many families are now choosing to have a pet at home. The choice of pet may vary from one family to another.

Some choose dogs while others prefer cats as pets. Cats make excellent pets because they do not require too much maintenance like that of dogs. Dogs need plenty of exercise and so you need to take them out for walks on a daily basis, this is not the case with cats.

In this post, we’ll talk about is it ok to never bathe a cat?

Let’s find out!

Is It Ok To Never Bathe A Cat?

Many people believe that a cat must be bathed regularly as part of grooming. However, not all cats need to be bathed, particularly in the case of short-haired breeds like Persians and Siamese. Bathing is generally recommended if your cat gets into something she shouldn’t have, such as paint, motor oil or dirt.

Most cats are okay with if you don’t bathe them but obviously doing that once in a while like fortnightly is a good technique to follow.

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1.      Cats Don’t Mind

Cats are independent and often unpredictable. But there’s one thing they don’t like – when you wash them. How do cats feel about baths?

The fact is, cats are clean animals. They will not dirty the place around your house if you start to take care of them properly. And this means that cats do not mind if you do not bathe them. Bathing a cat is often a tricky business, as most of them hate water and soap. So, if you have a cat in your home, that’s fine if you don’t bathe them because cats don’t mind at all.


2.      Fortnightly Is Good

Cats are usually clean animals and they do not like getting wet. However, it’s always better to bathe your cat at least every 14 days. Here is the reason why:

The average cat spends 30-45 minutes in grooming itself to maintain its coat in perfect condition. If it doesn’t get a good scrub every now and then, its fur can get clogged up with dirt and dust mites, which can lead to inflammation of the skin.

This is especially important for long-haired cats that have a thick undercoat.

Also, it can also be problematic for you if you cuddle with your cat a lot as the skin problem of your cat can also be passed to you.

3.      Clean Cats Looks Good

Cats are very clean animals. They use litter boxes and make sure their fur is combed and free of tangles. However, not all cats are as meticulous when it comes to hygiene.

Therefore, if you love your cat it’s your responsibility to bathe your cat every now and then to avoid any fleas and harmful bacteria attacking your cat’s skin.