Are Ceiling Fans In Bedrooms Outdated? [3 Considerations]

Are Ceiling Fans In Bedrooms Outdated?
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As we all know, bedroom has become a very important part of our space. It is where we relax, rejuvenate and spend some “me time”.

So it’s understandable if we want to make sure our bedroom is as comfortable as possible. But what if I told you that there is more to revamping your bedroom than just buying new accessories and furniture.

Adapting the right technology not only helps you in the long run but safe you from future concerns.

In this post, we’ll talk about are ceiling fans in bedrooms outdated?

Let’s find out!

Are Ceiling Fans In Bedrooms Outdated?


Ceiling fans are great for cooling up a room, but they are not so great for sleeping. The whirling noises can be quite distracting, and if the light of your room is installed right behind is than it cause a lot of distraction for a normal human being who’s not used to it.

However, there are much better options available nowadays one of which is to use an air conditioner.

This doesn’t cause any distracted noises and you have a remote control to turn on and off.

If You’re Still Considering To Have Ceiling Fans Than Here Are Your Picks

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1.      No Heating Option

As the temperature is rising, many people are beginning to feel the cold air from their ceiling fans. In addition, the ceiling fans in bedrooms can become outdated because they don’t offer heating option which air conditioner provides.

The air conditioner might not be budget friendly but they do offer better accessibility options keeping their rooms warm, dry and comfortable.

An air conditioner is a great way to keep one’s house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It can be a smart alternative to a fireplace, which only is required in extreme weather conditions.

Today, a lot of homeowners are finding that ceiling fans are not providing enough air flow or cooling power. When the temperature outside is quite warm, it is necessary for the air conditioner to do cooling job. A lot of homeowners are now using air conditioners to cool their house in the summer. Air conditioners are also very useful for those people who live in areas where the temperature can drop below zero at night.

2.      Weird Noises In Winters

In the summer, having a fan in the room is almost a necessity if you’re living on a low budget.

However, there is one thing that is constant about a fan in the winter: it makes a weird noise. That is because of the reason that the motor has to work harder to push the air around especially in winters.

In simple terms, a fan makes a circular motion of air around a particular axis. The air being moved by the fan is also being pushed away from the room because of the pressure exerted by the fan. However, as the air moves further away from the axis, it moves slower. In result, the air pushes outwards as a result of the pressure exerted by the fan. This is why fans make weird noises in winters.

3.      Future Is Something Else

Ceiling fans are widely used in many homes across the globe. But they are about to get outdated. The main reason behind this is that there are many alternatives to ceiling fans.

A ceiling fan is an electric and mechanical device that is placed on the ceiling of your room. The device has blades attached to a motor. When electricity passes through the motor, it rotates the blades which generates air flow that keeps the room cool.

A ceiling fan is perhaps the most affordable device of its kind, but it is also the oldest. It has been around for more than a century but future is something else so start looking for different ways to keep your bedroom cool like an air conditioner.