Will Command Strips Hold Curtain Rods? [Know More…]

Will Command Strips Hold Curtain Rods?
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Command strips are the most preferred option for hanging large mirrors or frames.

Command strips are simply strips or tapes made of synthetic rubber resin. These tapes are made to be used only on the painted wall and even surfaces on which they can stick properly.

They are simple to use. These are an ideal option for the people who are not ready to make holes on the wall.

In this post, we’ll talk about will command strips hold curtain rods?

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Will Command Strips Hold Curtain Rods?

Yes! The large command strip can hold up to 16 pounds, and depending on the width of your rod, that should be more than enough.

In fact, you can use low power command strips instead but distribute along with it so to make it work for a long term.

3 Best Command Strips

3 Best Curtain Rods

1.      The Power Of Command Strips

Command strips are very powerful and can easily hold curtain rods.

Command Strips, or Command Hooks, are a product that most people use in their homes and we’ve also seen them used in patios and in many business properties.

It’s a simple product that has a myriad of uses, and we’ve seen people use them to hold up photos, organize cabinets, hold up light fixtures, and even hold up curtain rods.

2.      Distribute For Better Experience

Command Strips are the perfect way to hang things on your curtain rod without damaging it. The only problem with using them is that they don’t work very well when you put them all on one side of the curtain rod.

It’s best to place the hooks evenly throughout.

This way, you can slide the curtain on any part of the curtain rod and the hooks will hold the curtain.

3.      Best For Renters

Command Strips (Command brand) are fantastic alternatives to nails and screws. They are easy to apply and remove, and take up no space in your toolbox.

They work well in almost every situation, and they even come in a variety of power and options (hooks and just plain tapes).

These are the best options for renters.

Wrapping It Up

Let’s go back to the basics of the command strips. What are command strips? They’re actually known as hooks that are often used to hold up the light fixtures, curtain rods, shower curtain liners, and many other stuffs.

This mounting system can stick to the walls easily and comes with the dual-lock technology that enables it to hold on to things without causing any damage to the wall. This mounting system is also known to be the fastest and easiest way to hang things, which is why many people prefer using it.

But while it is fast and easy to use, the strength of the command strips should be taken into consideration, especially when installing heavy items on the wall.