Should My Concealer Be Lighter Or Darker? [3 Considerations]

Should My Concealer Be Lighter Or Darker?
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A concealer has become an integral part of every woman’s makeup kit. It is used to hide the imperfections on our face such as under eye dark circles, pimples, acne marks and many more.

A concealer can be applied with a brush or a finger tip. However, most women prefer to apply it with their finger tips as it provides a greater control over the application and also prevent wastage of product.

However, in this post, we’ll talk about should a concealer be lighter or darker?

Let’s find out!

Should My Concealer Be Lighter Or Darker?

It’s a common misconception that concealer is supposed to match the color of your foundation exactly. A concealer shade that is even one shade lighter than your foundation will do a better job of concealing dark circles and spots. This is because concealer is denser than foundation, so it will create a thicker layer on the skin to cover imperfections.

If you are struggling with finding the right shade of concealer, look for something that is even just one shade lighter than your foundation. It will still have enough coverage for most people’s needs, but give you a natural-looking finish.

3 Best Concealers To Get

1.      Lighter Than Foundation

This tip is pretty simple. For most skin tones, you should be looking for a concealer shade that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation. This will ensure that it blends seamlessly with your foundation and doesn’t look chalky or cakey.

Concealer helps hide the imperfections on your face like pimples, dark spots, scars, etc., while foundation serves as a base to even out the tone of your skin and thus you might be applying a thick layer of it depending on your pimples and dark spots and thus it requires a lighter color than the foundation so it doesn’t look ugly.

2.      How Do I Know My Concealer Shade?

It is a fact that a concealer should be at least one shade lighter than the foundation. If you have a good foundation, it can cover up all your blemishes and pigmentation. A concealer only needs to make the flaws less visible. If it is darker, it would become obvious.

A concealer with yellow undertones works for most people with fair skin tones, but if you are very fair, consider using peach toned concealer.

It’s important to find your foundation shade first then find a concealer that is one-two shades lighter.

3.      Keep 2 Shades Of Concealer And Foundation All The Time

Do you have 2 different shades of concealer? If not, you should consider adding one to your routine. This tip actually came from most of the top makeup artists in the planet.

The reason they told is that if someone want to have flawless looking skin all the time, they should always have two shades of concealer in the makeup kit.

Another reason is because of the sunlight. Sunlight sometimes darken our skins and thus you need at least 2 shades for both the foundation and concealer at all times.