3 Piece Dining Set Under $100 [Secret Inside]

3 Piece Dining Set Under $100
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If you’re on a budget and want to have a dining set of under $100 and not a lot of people visit your home to have a dinner than this post is specifically made for you.

We’ll mention 4 products that are well suitable for adults and 1 product targeting children’s only.

Let’s begin!

3 Piece Dining Set Under $100

For Adults

·         WeeHom 3 Pieces Bar Table Set

Very minimalistic and beautifully designed table and chairs. This set is quite adjustable in small spaces like:

  • Small dining room
  • Entryway
  • Tiny condo
  • Small kitchen
  • Studio apartment

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·         Haotian OGT18-N, 3 Piece Dining Set

This is another beautifully designed set of 3. The good part about this product is that it has everything foldable which can save you quite a lot of space when required and is easy to move from one place to another.

Load capacity of the table is 45 KG and stool can handle 120 KG which is considered as a big giant person.

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·         VECELO Modern Industrial Style 3-Piece Dining Room Kitchen Table

This one gives a premium style looking and comes with cushion stools to give you a better sitting experience.

The pro of this product is that they give you 2 years of warranty which means if anything goes wrong with the set, you can always contact them for help.

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·         Flash Furniture Sutton 3 Piece Space-Saver

This one actually comes with a glass top which is very rare to get under $100. The chairs are also cushioned not just on the bottom but from behind as well. Perfect quality product which never let you feel you’re sitting on a $100 dining set.

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For Kids

·         Idea Nuova Despicable Me 3 Piece Table and Chair Set

This table set is a theme of the movie Despicable Me and minions are all over printed on both the table and the chairs.

This product is quite popular and have got more than 6000 reviews alone on a single platform (Amazon) while maintaining a rating of 4.7 out of 5 which is also something hard to achieve.

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Where Can I Buy Cheap Dining Sets?

If you don’t mind getting second hand products than eBay & Craigslist are both good places to hunt for them.

Otherwise, if you want to have brand new products than the 5 mentioned above are best for that purpose and comes under the budget of $100.

How Much Does A Foldable Table Cost?

You can get foldable tables in under $50 on Amazon.

Is There Any Way I Can Get Even A Better Deal Than $100?

Absolutely, to achieve this we need to get both the chairs and tables separately. Here’s a great combination:

It might not look like a set but when it comes to product quality and customer satisfaction it actually exceeds way more.

The table is enough for 2 people. And for chairs, you might need to get blue color 18 inch chairs to reduce the cost even more.

Wrapping It Up

These are some of the best 3 piece dining sets that are available online in under $100. Take advantage of them before the prices can go high.

All of the dining sets above are perfect for small spaces.