What Is The Best Filling For Draft Stoppers? [3 Options]

What Is The Best Filling For Draft Stoppers?
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Draft stoppers are an important element of every home. They can help to keep the room warm and comfortable. But their importance goes beyond that. They also contribute to saving a lot on your electricity bills, thereby making them a very effective investment in the long run.

In this post, we’ll talk about what is the best filling for draft stoppers?

Let’s find out!

What Is The Best Filling For Draft Stoppers?

There are many things that can be used as a filling for draft stoppers but one thing we should always avoid is to use food items.

Around the world many people don’t survive because of hunger and using food items like rice, wheat, beans etc is not only insulting the food but also is ethically wrong.

Below are the 3 best fillings that you can use in a draft stopper.

Or better yet, get a premade one…

3 Best Draft Stoppers To Get

1.      Sand

We’ve all seen draft stoppers in action. Without them, your beautiful home would be filled with cold air and drafts from every nook and cranny. Draft stoppers keep the cold air out, and they can also keep unwanted animals out too!

Sand is an excellent material to use for draft stoppers. That’s because sand is great at insulating, which helps to keep heat inside your room.

If you’re never tried using sand in a draft stopper try it for a few days and you’ll get to know the effects of it.

2.      Cat Litter

If you are a cat owner and are looking for the best filling to be used for your draft stopper, then cat litter is the best choice. Pet owners find cat litter to be more convenient and more affordable than alternatives like pebbles or rice or any other food item. Moreover, as a cat owner you might already have it in your home.

Cat litter not only keeps drafts at bay, it also helps absorb moisture in the room (this might be useful for those living in humid climates). Another great thing about cat litter is that it doesn’t smell like other alternatives. This makes it ideal for use in a bedroom and other rooms where you’d like to use it.

3.      Quilt Batting

Quilt batting is a type of padding that can be used in a variety of ways. It is a very versatile material. It is typically used as a filling for bedding and pillows. Quilt batting can also be cut into smaller pieces to be used as draft stoppers in windows.

There are numerous advantages that make quilt batting an excellent choice for draft stoppers. First, it’s soft and comfortable, which means it won’t irritate you or your family members when you accidently come in contact with them.

Second, quilt batting is extremely efficient at keeping out the cold. And thirdly it’s a very light weight material making it an excellent choice to pick among other types.