Are Plastic Dryer Balls Bad For Your Dryer? [3 Considerations]

Are Plastic Dryer Balls Bad For Your Dryer?
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Dryer balls are a great alternative to using fabric softener in the laundry. This is because dryer sheets and fabric softeners leave behind residue on clothing, which can actually attract lint and dust.

Dryer balls will reduce drying time in addition to saving you money in the long run and preventing your precious clothes from lint and dust.

But what about plastic dryer? Are they also effective? Or the are plastic dryer balls bad for your dryer?

Let’s find out in today’s post.

Are Plastic Dryer Balls Bad For Your Dryer?

If the plastic balls themselves are the problem, it’s probably because you’re using too many.

You want to use just enough to create some motion inside your clothes dryer drum, so you don’t want to overstuff the drum. If you use too many, you run the risk of hitting the walls which may not only create weird noises outside but also scratches on the walls as well.

The other problem that can arise is that the clothes plastic dryer balls get out of balance and can get stuck in the dryer. If this happens, you should stop the dryer immediately and take the balls out. If you’re not sure whether you’re using too many, just look inside your dryer drum after a cycle.

If there are a lot of clothes with balls stuck in them, you’re probably using too many.

It’s better to try wool dryer balls:

3 Best Wool Dryer Balls To Consider

1.      Quite Hard

The plastic dryer balls are quite hard and thus when they collide with the walls of the dryer can cause weird sounds to happen and thus they’re not the very best option.

These sounds can make a bad impact on the surrounding especially when you go for a laundry service and don’t do that in your own home.

2.      Can Scratch If You Use Them So Much And In Large Quantities

Plastic dryer balls can be a great and cost-effective alternative to dryer sheets, but if you’re not careful it can lead to damaging your clothes. If you use them too much or in large quantities, the balls can not only scratch your clothes but also can impact the walls of your dryer machine making it look bad as the time passes.

Also, in some laundry stations you might not be allowed to use them because you don’t own those machines but a company does it.

3.      However, Reusable

Plastic dryer balls are a great way to reduce the amount of drying time needed for your clothes.

It also improves the life of your dryer and reduces wrinkles on your clothes.

But, did you know that dryer balls can be used more than once? They will last a pretty long time if you take care of them. Not only do they save money, but they also help the environment from all the energy wasted by using regular dryers!