Do Dryer Sheets Repel Squirrels?

Do Dryer Sheets Repel Squirrels?
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Getting rid of squirrels is hard especially when they’ve made a daily route through your house.

Once they’re habitual making a route tough your home you need to setup some traps or perhaps setup things in their path which they don’t like.

There are a few known things which they don’t like but sometimes they not work for all people.

So today, we’re talking about dryer sheets and if they’re able to repel squirrels.

Let’s find out!

Do Dryer Sheets Repel Squirrels?

In short, dryer sheets work but now always.

We recommend that you test yourself because there are some mixed results.

Also, it’s highly dependent where you’re living in because the squirrel specie your specific location is having will be different from most of the species of other countries out there.

In order to make dryer sheets work for you, you first need to know why they work in the first place and what hacks you can implement to let them stay away from your kitchen or house garden.

How Dryer Sheets Work For Squirrels?

There is a specific type of dryer sheet that works for squirrels and those are perfumed dryer sheets.

And that’s the main ingredient that let the squirrels stay away from whatever you want to protect.

If you want to try dryer sheets yourself to see if they help you from squirrels make sure you always get the highly perfumed ones because remember these sheets aren’t for you instead they’re for squirrels.

Best Dryer Sheets To Go After

We’ve listed some of the best dryer sheets that we think will work best to repel squirrels:

Setting Them Up

The way you set the dryer sheets also plays a huge role in secuseelfully repelling the squirrels away.

Here are a few hacks that you need to implement:

Hack #1: Don’t Pile

Most of these products come with over 200 sheets in total.

We recommend that you atleast use 20 at a time depending on your space and how many spots you want to target.

20 is a way to go for a single spot.

Also, make sure you don’t pile the sheets up over one another. Why? Because this way you’ll not be leveraging all the scent coming out from each of the dryer sheets.

To make them stick properly on the ground it’s better to tuck each sheet to about an inch and complete a tiles series that way.

Hack #2: Extra Scent

If you’re got an extra perfume that you don’t really like or use take advantage of it and add a couple of sprays on these dryer sheets to make them smell more. This way the squirrels will not tolerate the smell and will leave forever or will not pass for a couple of days. For best results you need to keep repeating the process on a weekly basis or twice per week if possible.