Gun Safe Brands to Avoid [3 Best Options]

Gun Safe Brands to Avoid
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Guns are something that you need in your life in case of an emergency, but you also have to keep it safe so that kids and other people do not mistakenly take advantage of your guns. That’s why we recommend that you use gun safes to make sure that only you can use your guns. But since there are a lot of gun brands in the market, we thought to share with you a list of gun safe brands to avoid and what you should buy instead. So without further ado let’s get started.

List of Gun Safe Brands to Avoid

  • Gunvault
  • Sentry
  • Amazon basics
  • RPNB
  • Cacagoo vault

We understand that this list is not perfect and we may be wrong but from the online reviews and comments. This is the list we have come up with. With that being said, here is a list of gun safes to buy.

1) Mesa Safe Company MBF7236E 22.9 Cubic Foot 32 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

This is the first safe in our list as it is the most capable of keeping your guns safe. This safe is a safe that is made for rifles and other big caliber guns. It is made from 1 ½ thick steel and is rated to withstand fires up to an hour at 1750 Fahrenheit. The locking mechanism is battery operated and is protected with a spring activated re-locking device. Another thing to consider is that this safe has anchor holes so that you can bolt it down to the floor.


  • Big
  • Fire resistant
  • Keypad lock


  • Heavy

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2) Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe 0.52 Cubic Ft

If you want a gun safe that is hidden from everyone’s eyes and you can access it in an instant, then this is going to be the gun safe for you. This gun safe is going to need some installation as it is meant to be fixed inside a wall. But it comes with a biometric scanner, which means that no one else is going to be able to access your fingerprint.


  • Multi gun storage
  • Extra shelf
  • Biometric


  • Light

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3) Old Glory Battle Ready Br6039 Elite 39 Gun 2-Hour 1880 Fire Tactical Premium Quality Gun Safe

You probably came here to see what gun safe brands to avoid, but let me tell you that this is the opposite end of that line. This is the biggest safe that you can buy on Amazon right now and it is the most impressive. This safe is capable of holding more than 39 guns and other equipment. So if you want a safe that has a 5-inch door, with 9 gauge steel shell and a hard steel plate, a 2-hour fire-resistant and 20 bolt locking EMP-proof system, then this is safe for you.


  • Thick
  • Heavy
  • Large storage
  • EMP protected


  • Need multiple people to transport it

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