How to Get Hair Removal Wax Out Of Clothes?

How to Get Hair Removal Wax Out Of Clothes?
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The need for beauty has been in the core of human beings since the dawn of human civilization and it is not wrong to say that some communities and practices to attain beauty should be considered cruelty, none the less, today we live in a world that is surrounded by the beauty of all sorts and filled with people that are willing to go the extra mile just to make themselves look pretty again.

One such beauty practice is hair waxing, hair waxing is the practice of removing excess hair from a body using hot melted wax and strips of cloth to pluck out all the unwanted hair from the body. As efficient as the practice is, there are a lot of issues with this beauty practices, the chief among them being getting wax on your clothes.

Today we are going to be taking a look at how to get hair removal wax out of clothes, so without further ado, let’s get started.

How Does Wax Hair Removal Work?

This is a relatively easy process and only takes a couple of things to make it work. The first and the most important thing you need is going to be wax, the wax comes in small pellets and has to be melted so that it can be applied on the hair, once the wax is applied it is immediately covered with some sort of cloth so that the wax can stick to the hair and the cloth. Next, the cloth is pulled quickly and the stuck wax plucks out all the hair that has been stuck to it. After that, the waxed area is covered with moisturizer so that it doesn’t hurt the skin afterward.

This application often leaves small droplets of wax on your clothes that get stuck and are hard to remove. Let’s look at how to get hair removal wax out of clothes.

How to Remove Wax from Clothes?

If you want to remove wax from your clothes you are going to need two things. A brown paper bag or a towel and an iron. Lay the bag over the wax and slowly start to rub it with an iron on medium heat without steam. Once the wax is heated up and gotten stuck to the paper, take the iron out and let it cool down for a second, once cooled rotate the paper to clean the wax, this process has to be repeated again and again until all the wax is removed from the clothes.

Additional Tips

People often use scraping methods to remove the wax, not only is that process inefficient, but it also damages the fabric of the clothes sometimes even tearing it. Use thick paper of cloth as thin material is more likely to soak the wax and create a bigger mess. Don’t leave the iron on for too long in one place as it can burn the clothes and the paper.

Some people have suggested using olive oil to remove the wax, this method can also be tried.