Do Hamsters Stink Up Your Room? [Know 3 Things]

Do Hamsters Stink Up Your Room?
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There are many benefits to owning a hamster as a pet. They are relatively cheap, easy to take care of, and they can live up to 2-3 years if properly cared for. Hamsters are curious, active, and very social. They love to play and interact with people.

You might have even seen videos about them playing with a wheel toy that goes infinite like this one:

But do hamsters stink up your room?

Let’s find out in this post.

Do Hamsters Stink Up Your Room?

The odor of hamsters comes from their cage, not from the hamster themselves.

Your hamster will not smell. Decent hamster cages will give your hamster plenty of air flow, which will prevent the odor.

In addition, you should regularly clean the cage to avoid any stinking smell. Minimum once a week.

Install an automatic perfume nearby the hamster cage if necessary. Here are the best options to pick:

Sunlight The Cage

Hamster cage cleaning is a necessary task but it is also a very smelly job. If you wash your hamster cage and don’t properly dry it, it’ll start to smell, that’s for sure.

You should take the cage out into the sun and leave it there for at least a few hours. Then put some fired incense sticks inside it to help with air circulation and leave it out overnight. The odor will go away in a few days.

Well Ventilated Room

A well ventilated room is a must for your hamster cage to prevent bad stink from spreading around the house. The best way to create a good ventilation is by keeping the cage in a room with an open window.

The room will allow fresh air in and the old air outside. For an added effect, place a fan near the cage to help circulate the air. But make sure the direction is not towards your room otherwise for some reason if you ever forget to turn the fan off for days and turn it on after let’s say 10 days all the bad odor will already be presented in the cage which will then be directed to your room making it a very unpleasant environment and hard to breath.

Wrapping It Up

So definitely, hamster isn’t the one in question instead the cage is…

Also, keep an eye on the toilet areas in your hamster cage. It is important to wipe down these areas daily and change the litter regularly so that it does not get too dirty which will cause a foul odor to fill your home. When it comes to litter training, use a plastic catcher or some recycled wood pellets that are not scented or colored since hamsters have very sensitive noses.