Best Wall Paint Colors To Go With Honey Oak Cabinets

Best Wall Paint Colors To Go With Honey Oak Cabinets
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Combine honey-colored furniture? Why not? We can say that furniture with a honey-colored finish gives a natural and comfortable aesthetic to our home. If you do not know very well what color of paint or auxiliary elements can go great with this finish, we will provide you with some ideas.

Wood tones have color, they are not neutral. So the different woods used for carpentry in your home harmonize better with some paint colors than others. Oak is a strong wood with a straight grain that comes in several different finishes, but always has an underlying shade of gold or orange (honey-like shades). The wall colors that harmonize with oak works in general will be those that combine well with warm colors.

Neutral Colors

For gold-honey oak wall colors, choose warm whites, creams, and yellows. Light gray is a fairly neutral option. Neutral colors can accentuate the grain of the wood in cabinets, floors, and trim. The ranges of light brown, white and beige add to the smoothness of oak wood. Dark neutrals, such as stone and gray, can provide a good atmosphere to the room adorned or decorated with such wood. Light neutral colors add light, the feeling of spatiality of a room, while dark neutrals can give a more charged appearance. Because neutrals tend to be colors without their own characteristics, they do a good job of enhancing those of oak.

Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors such as pale yellow and green highlight the subdued aspects of oak wood. Golden oak is magnificent with lots of greens, especially sage green and the new trend of moss and avocado green. It is also adorable with many shades of blue, from sky to navy, as well as yellow going well with blue. These colors serve to accomplish a calming and relaxing affect to the atmosphere of a room that has this wood installed. Similar to light neutral colors, pastels add air to a room and help make it feel lighter and more open. However, too much of a good thing doesn’t remain a good thing anymore. Red and pink are probably not the best options for golden oak, but if you really want them, go for warm orange tones instead of cool bluish tones.

Dark Colors

If you really want your oak furniture or cabinets to stand out, paint the walls in a dark color. Dark brown, blueberry or forest green add boldness to the room and bring light to the wood. But using dark paint colors can make the room feel smaller and less bright. Instead of painting the entire room a solid dark color, you can paint a wall accentuated with a color like navy blue or aubergine. Add the paint color next to the oak wood to make it stand out.

Bright Colors

Painting with bright colors will take your attention away from the oak wood in your room. Whether you paint the entire room, a pointed wall, or some of the furniture, bright colors bring the eye to color. Golden oak can be marked with turquoise or aqua if you like vibrant color schemes.

Wrapping It Up

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