Java Moss And Goldfish: What You Need To Know

java moss and goldfish
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If you’ve been a long care taker of goldfish you might have wondered if java moss is compatible with them.

Generally, java moss is compatible with all the fishes but a few specifies doesn’t like the taste of it.

One of which is goldfish.

What The Owners Think

There’s vast majority of people saying that goldfish chomp off there java moss and there are some who say that didn’t happen to them.

Perhaps, it’s better that you try and see what works for you.

Usually, goldfish do try to eat java moss.

But, the one who says that this doesn’t apply to them, maybe they are growing there goldfish in a condition that even they aren’t aware of and that condition might be altering the goldfish behavior.

But, in most conditions yes goldfish do mess with java moss a lot.

A Little Hack To Apply

Goldfish usually get curious in aquarium plants when they don’t get much to eat.

You should focus on feeding them timely and on a daily basis.

Something like blanched veggies will keep them away from your plants when their bellies are full.

Consider yourself in the situation when you don’t get enough to eat you might look for items you can find to eat but on contrary goldfish don’t have the ability to reason. Deep down they don’t know if it’s good or bad for them as java moss is indeed a hard plant and not the soft one at all.

They still try to eat them but they do fail in gulping down their throats.

Make Java Moss Stick On Driftwood

The combination of java moss and driftwood is great. You first have to attach your java moss plant to the driftwood manually and as the time passes the grip will become much stronger and might minimize the damage the goldfish have on them.

The benefit of attaching java moss to driftwood is that it will not only look good in your aquarium but also java moss establishes the power and grows properly on it.

As naturally that’s what java moss is used to do before i.e. growing on river banks, rocks and tree trunks.

Consider the driftwood as a source for java moss to grow much stronger and it should be a base for them most of the time unless your reason is valid.

It’s A Habit

Goldfish are a curious creature and they nibble and mess with whatever they feel like.

Even if you apply multiple hacks they will still continue to chomp on your plant no matter what.

Though, the hacks laid out above may decrease this issue but they still surely can’t be completely gone as this is the habit of them and if there’s no such habit found inside the goldfish then you should doubt if even its goldfish or not.

Goldfishes like to learn and see what’s around them to better understand the surroundings they are living in.


Java moss and goldfish is a unique combination and perhaps you might already have tried before.

If it didn’t work out for you, you should try other methods and play with one variable at a time to see if it makes any difference.

Keeping fish in your home is an art and understanding the behaviors of them is the true art any pet owner should master.

And mastery can only come with trial and error and only when you keep yourself in the position as a pet owner for years to gain both the experience and understanding overtime.