How To Keep Mice Out Of Kitchen Drawers? [4 Ways]

how to keep mice out of kitchen drawers
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Without a doubt humans are natural predators of mice. As these animals have unquenchable appetites and they often chomp on things which are not edible. For example, if they couldn’t be able to find real food to eat they chew up even real cash just for the sake of doing it and never gulp that.

Often, it’s because they want a place to hide which they do so by making trash nest around them even if it’s worth millions of dollars to humans.

Though, mice don’t usually gulp on paper material but, yeah it can be tiresome to clean such a mess.

Now, as we are here to learn how to keep mice out of kitchen drawers you first have to understand the entryways to the kitchen itself.

Since those spots are the source of their entry. They are not that smart but, quite clever to learn the pathways leading to your kitchen especially when you left crumb for a day.

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Droppings on countertops, floors, cabinets or even under kitchen drawers are obvious signs that you’ve to look out for.

Other than that, gnawed plastic, paper, furniture or cardboard of your favorite cereals like cornflakes are a few additional measures to look for to ensure that you need to take an action against.

1. Eliminate Food Sources

In majority of the cases, crumbs are the only valid reason for mice to keep coming back to your kitchen drawer. Additionally, kids often leave food scraps which parents are not usually aware of until quite a few night hours are passed. And that’s an enough time for mice to have some fun.

Seeds and grains are among the favorites foods of rodents. So make sure you package them well in containers like jars.

Cleaning the kitchen often and if possible on a daily basis is a surefire way to make them away from your kitchen.

Keep minimalism in mind when setting up your kitchen especially when you’re planning to build a new house or renovating the kitchen of a current one.

Often pet owners are failed to realize that pet food is another hook for mice to come. Make sure they are also packaged well and are not that easily penetrable. Applying this strategy will help you get rid of the mice from your kitchen drawers.

2. Prohibit Entry

When asked from the homeowners about the entry points of mice they often point out kitchen sink is the only source of their entry to them.

Walls and cracks are also another reason especially in the houses which are quite old and build using an old architecture. As the time passes, seepage naturally occurs during the rainy seasons and thus brittles the walls and leading to holes and cracks which becomes an entry point for them.

Make sure you always seal garbage cans properly and clean them out on a daily basis. Because even if you implement the above ideas they can still hide in garbage cans and come out again at night failing your hard work.

Don’t let the doors be opened unnecessarily and if possible get an aggressive cat or dog.

Use minimum traps but, right on the spots.

Sound and electronic devices also work well. Things like moving objects or robots which can sense the movement and activate automatically are the ones you should consider setting up.

Consider mouse-proof construction if you’re setting up a new house or planning to do so.

3. Natural Repellents

Placing dryer sheets in each of your kitchen drawer with the ingredient oleander in it also works well to keep mice entering the drawer.

Other popular repellents are:

  • Peppermint Oil
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Cloves
  • Mothballs
  • Ammonia

4. Reduce Population

Mice are a huge risk especially when they don’t get anything edible they can chew up on whatever they feel like they can chew even paper cash as you already know by now.

Where to find them? Rodents can easily be spotted in areas like uncovered garbage cans, food pantries, near stored seeds and pet or animal food.

Setup traps in appropriate areas might yield positive results. In known areas like kitchen cabinets, stove and near sink are all better options.

The use of poison baits (Rodenticides) is also great.

Does Irish Spring Soap Deter Mice?

When it comes to deterring mice, Irish Spring soap is one of the most effective options. The soap is heavily scented and mice hate the smell. Plus, the soap is inexpensive and easy to find.