Can You Cut Glass With An Exacto Knife? [Find Out]

Can You Cut Glass With An Exacto Knife?
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Investing in high-quality glass cutters can be very beneficial for many different reasons. Not only do they allow you to do any necessary work with precision and efficiency, but they can also allow you to save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run.

However, sometimes your usecase is not to cut a lot of glass or perhaps it’s not your professional work in that case you’re asking if it’s possible to cut glass using an exacto knife.

Well, let’s find out in today’s post…

Can You Cut Glass With An Exacto Knife?

In short, you shouldn’t use exacto knife to cut glass because it’s not made for this purpose.

Although, it is a very common misconception that a knife can not cut glass. In reality it is the sharpness of the blade that allows you to cut glass. With a dull blade, a knife cannot cut glass or any other hard material.

But a sharp blade can easily cut through a hard material. An exacto knife is a tool with sharp tip which is used to cut materials such as paper, vinyl, balsa wood, etc.

But exacto knife is not the one made for glass cutting purpose.

So which one should you use?

Here Are The Best Glass Cutters Other Than The Exacto Knives

1.      Not Fit For The Purpose

Exacto knife is not fit for the purpose of cutting a glass.

The exacto knife is a knife that is used for cutting and trimming. The knife is meant to be used on paper, plastic, and other materials. The knife is not meant to be used on glass and can cause problems.

2.      Better Tools Available

There are many tools that can be used to cut glass, but the exacto knife is for sure not the best tool for the job.

The glass can crack or break because of the low strength of the blade.

3.      Similar Costs

The main thing to consider is the blade of the knife. The exacto is made for precise cuts with a blade that is sharp enough to cut through plastic, paper and similar thin materials.

The glass cutter however, can’t be considered as a knife. The glass cutter blade is used specifically to cut glass without cracking or breaking it.

The exacto is used more for cutting soft materials like paper, fabrics, and even plastics. The main difference between the two is in what they are designed to cut.

The exacto is designed for soft materials while the glass cutter is designed for precise cuts into hard materials like glass.

Wrapping It Up

So can you cut glass with an exacto knife? You can but, why take risk and why not get a true glass cutter tool to make your life much easier.

Using something else in place of which wasn’t meant for the purpose is not a good idea for sure. That’s why it’s always recommended to use proper glass cutter to cut the glass to avoid any risky situations and to perform the task much quicker.