13 Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow Benefits

Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow Benefits
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This post will cover 13 benefits of charcoal pillow that you might not know already.

As advised by medical science professionals, every night, most of the people lay in bed to sleep for good 6-8 hours but they still feel lethargic and exhausted in the morning. The reason is obvious that the amount of deep sleep (3, 4 REM stages) is very low and the amount of light sleep (stage 1, 2) is very high. High frequency of waking up episodes is another reason behind the exhausted state of people in the morning despite sleeping for 6 to 8 hours.

Lack of sleep quality is a leading cause of many health problems such as heart diseases, hypertension, paralysis, stroke, hypertension, and premature aging. Even drowsy driving accidents mostly happen due to a lack of sound sleep. Tiredness throughout the day and especially in the morning leads to a decrease in productivity and quality of life.

There can be several reasons behind the low quality of sleep but not using a good quality pillow is one of the prime reasons behind this phenomenon.

3 Best Charcoal Memory Foam Pillows

Here are a few great options with a lot of positive reviews:

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If you want to go with the most popular options consider these:

Here, the question arises that which kind of pillow is best for a sound and deep sleep? Scientists argue that it depends. For some charcoal memory foam pillows (also refer to as iso pedic charcoal pillow or charcoal gel pillows) work best and some say bamboo memory foams are the best. Our recommendation is charcoal memory foams as it has the following benefits:

13 Charcoal Infused Pillow Benefits/Purpose You Must Know About

Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow
  1. Improvement in deep Sleep- Charcoal pillows have been proven to improve deep sleep.
  2. Reduction in body temperature- Charcoal pillows have been known to lower body temperatures.
  3. Sleep Promotion- When it comes to promoting sleep, charcoal pillows outperform memory foam, traditional foam and feather pillows.
  4. Firm- Pillows infused with charcoal are firm as they hold their shapes.
  5. Best for neck pains and unusual style sleepers- It is an ideal pillow for people who have neck aches or who sleep in unusual styles such as back sleepers or side sleepers.
  6. Natural and clean- Charcoal memory foam pillows are clean and natural.
  7. The right support and pressure relief- They are an ideal choice for people looking for pressure relief and right neck and back support.
  8. Soft, sturdy and durable- These pillows have high moisture absorption capacity thus, they are durable, sturdy and soft.
  9. Environmental friendly material- Environmental friendly natural materials are used as a raw material in these pillows so, they have no toxic materials in them which is great not only for a good sleep but also for a healthy environment.
  10. Elimination of odor- Charcoal memory foams also eliminates odors that are bad for health and do not you sleep soundly.
  11. Great for people with allergy, asthma, and sensitivity- If you are one of those people who have any allergies or have asthma or sensitivity problems, charcoal memory foams are great for you. Due to their natural and environmentally friendly material, they give you healthy sleep.
  12. Antibacterial protection- As charcoal memory has many health benefits and they are known to have anti-bacterial properties.
  13. Fresh and New Feeling- Carbon memory foam pillows have air circulation channels that keep fresh, clean and new feeling even after prolonged use.

Are Charcoal Pillows Safe?

Many people ask this question regarding charcoal pillow that whether it’s safe to use or not? Let’s first clarify what a charcoal pillow actually does. It promotes good night sleep by absorbing heat and bad odor (which you might not be aware of) from the air. Also, as they’ve the moisture absorbing properties, they remain good for the long term.

Can I Wash Charcoal Pillows?

If you have a spill on your charcoal pillow, it’s best to spot clean it. You should not wash charcoal pillows in your washing machine. When spot cleaning, use a mild detergent and cool water. Blot the stain with a clean cloth until it lifts. Rinse the area with cool water and blot it dry.

Is Memory Foam Pillow Good For Health?

A memory foam pillow can offer a number of health benefits, including improved circulation and reduced pain. Memory foam is also a non-toxic and safe material, making it an ideal choice for those with allergies or sensitivities. Here are 2 reasons why a memory foam pillow may be good for your health:

  1. Improved circulation: Memory foam conforms to the shape of your head and neck, which can help to improve blood flow and reduce pressure on the nerves. This can lead to less pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.
  2. Reduced pain: Memory foam pillows can help to reduce pressure on the spine and joints, which can alleviate pain in these areas. Additionally, the contoured shape of memory foam can help to keep the head and neck in alignment, preventing strain on these tissues.

Wrapping It Up

All these great qualities of charcoal memory foam pillows have led us to conclude that they are one of the best available pillows in the market that provides the ultimate comfort. Use them to get the sound and healthy sleep of good 6 to 8 hours and stay away from health issues, sleep deprivation and exhaustion.

Plus, now many of the big supermarkets have them now like:

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And so on…