Can I Put Mirror Beside My Bed? [Yes, But…]

Can I Put Mirror Beside My Bed?Can I Put Mirror Beside My Bed?
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Mirror is a very useful tool especially when you wake up with messy hairs and mucus in eyes.

It helps you partially make your looks better before going to the bathroom.

In today’s post, we’ll find more about if you can put mirror beside your bed and what types and shapes will be the best fit specifically considering your room size and all.

Let’s get started!

Can I Put Mirror Beside My Bed?

Absolutely, you can.

In fact, it should be considered as a modern trend to follow.

It’s so useful and handy to have mirrors on your side of the bed.

It’ll help you in multiple occasions like before you go on a party and want to have a last check on your hair style, makeup, dress etc, than these pair of mirrors will help you a lot.

3 Recommended Mirrors For Each Shape…



If for some reason you don’t want to put nail in the wall consider this:

Aluminum Alloy Thickened Frame

Which Shape And Size?

Having a circular shape mirror looks way cooler but we have to think about practicality as well.

Most of us want to see ourselves at least from top tom middle if not top to toe.

If you want to decorate your room in terms of presentation than going for circular mirrors will be the best option to consider.

However, in terms of practical usage and getting the most out of your mirrors going for a long length rectangle mirrors will be the best possible choice.

Can It Be Dangerous?

Depending on how you place the mirror. If you’ve got a long length mirror without properly attaching to your wall or without a proper support than it can break even if there’s not much force.

Comparing if the wall has a proper support via a wall and the same force is applied on the mirror it’ll hardly break or even crack.

Mirrors with stands are good too.

The Size Of Your Room

It all boils down to the size of the room you’re having. The average size of a room in United States is 11 feet by 12 feet.

So if your room size is exactly that or a bit more than we recommend installing mirrors beside your bed.

Spacing And A Recommend Place…

We recommend placing the mirrors on top of the side tables of each side. This way, they’ll not only look good but it’ll be easier for you to clean them when you’re cleaning your side tables.

Make sure, there’s enough space of about 2-4 inches between your side tables and the mirror.

But, I want to see myself from head to toe.

If that’s what you’re looking for forget about placing the mirror on top of the side mirror.

And in this case we recommend installing only 1 mirror on one of the side you prefer.

Install it after about a few inches after the side mirror and keeping it as low as possible so that you can see your shoes as well.