Can I Use Nail Strengthener As A Base Coat?

Can I Use Nail Strengthener As A Base Coat?
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Nail strengtheners are pretty common nowadays; the list of benefits they provide to the actual nail is incredible.

All the nutrients and minerals that your nail would require to keep itself healthy can be taken from the use of nail strengthener.

In this post, we’ll talk about if you can use nail strengthener as a base coat.

Let’s get started!

Can I Use Nail Strengthener As A Base Coat?

As nail strengthener is also transparent in nature and so thus the base coat as well. So it it fine if we can use it instead of the normal base coat available in the market?

Absolutely, you can use nail strengthener as a base coat. There’s no harm in fact it’s a common practice among a lot of women’s.

They also help nail fortify with calcium and other minerals and vitamins an actual nail need. So you get two benefits. One is beautify/fashion and the other one is health of the nail.

Best Nail Strengtheners That You Can Use As A Base Coat

Here we’ve listed a few best of the best nail strengtheners that you can safely use as a coat prior applying a nail polish for a better coat:

Why Use Nail Strengthener As A Base Coat?

There are a couple of reasons besides just for the nail health and saving bucks and here are those:

·         Minimalism

When you start to use a single product for 2 purposes at first you’ll feel a bit annoyed but as the time passes and you start to become habitual this simple activity of removing one additional type of product will drastically affect you and forces you to follow a minimalistic approach which is a good thing.

·         Keeping Your Shopping List A Bit Short

When you’re going for a shopping instead of 12 items you might be having just 11. Thus helping you keep your shopping list short and help you remember all the items without writing on your to-do list app.

·         Almost The Same Price Or Less

The nail strengthener is found to be much more cost effective than the nail base coat itself. Hence, it’s better to get a nail strengthener instead of a base coat. However, the pricing can vary a lot from brand to brand but in general mostly it’s the same case.

How To Apply?

Before you begin applying the nail polish start off by cleaning the nails first with water. Make sure you dry them off with a piece of cloth and then take a brush and apply a thin layer of nail strengthener as a base coat. Wait for 5-10 minutes and apply your favorite color nail polish.

Wrapping It Up

Using nail strengthener also saves your time and space finding the product because now you’re using the same nail strengthener for base coat as well as for the actual purpose.

This simple decision can impact the shopping list as well as help you start your debut in minimalism approach.