Is Onesie A Trademark? [2 Considerations]

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It’s not uncommon to see the word “onesie” thrown around on social media, but you might be wondering if this term is trademarked. The answer is yes — onesies are an officially registered word under U.S. copyright. The term and the garment itself have made appearances in various media, including television, film, and advertising; however, you may have to pay a fee or grant permission to use the term.

Is Onesie A Trademark?  

As mentioned, yes, onesie is trademarked. However, it seems almost as if no one seems to care that the term has been trademarked. We have come to accept the word as a regular part of our vocabulary, which isn’t too surprising since even companies that produce these garments don’t try to make much of an effort to hide its existence.

The term onesie is almost like Kleenex in the sense people use it across the board to describe tissues. It doesn’t matter what the companies behind these garments are trying to do to distance themselves from the term onesie; it still gets thrown around in casual conversations all over the place.

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1.    Who Ones The Trademark For The Word Onesie?

The onesie is owned by Gerber Childrenswear, a company based in the United States. While many individuals and companies have tried to either buy or renew the trademark of onesie, this company seems to be sitting pretty as the rightful owner.

However, this doesn’t mean the company has done much to help consumers understand the trademarked status of onesie. There are no legal notices on their website or any of their garment tags that indicate the term is reserved for their use and only theirs.

They don’t even seem to care that other companies are using the term. It doesn’t seem to be any of their concern how the term is used. It’s odd, but that’s the way the situation currently sits.

2.    What Is A Onesie?

A onesie is a one-piece garment designed to be worn by adults and children. A part of the garment that looks similar to a onesie is called a onesie pajamas. The term onesie is also used to refer to a bodysuit or jumpsuit, which covers the whole torso and legs.

Children, typically babies, wear onesies that resemble sleeper pants. These onesies are meant to be used as nightwear while worn during the day. They usually have a blanket-like piece that covers the baby’s waist comes up over their head and goes down over the chest. These garments are often made from soft, cotton material known as a onesie.

Comfort is the biggest upside of the onesie. These garments are designed to make you feel warm and snuggly as you sleep or lounge around in them. They’re even designed with built-in buttons and snaps at the waistline and chest area that allow you to remove them easily. That’s why they’re such a popular clothing item for young children and babies.

The onesie is the perfect garment for infants and toddlers, especially babies just beginning to learn how to walk. In addition, they’re an ideal choice for babies who are just learning how to move around on their own because they’re designed to fit loosely and still have some give.