How Long Do Palm Leaves Last? [3 Factors]

How Long Do Palm Leaves Last?
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Palm trees are great for landscaping. They offer shade, beauty, and they’re perfect for creating tropical ambiance in your yard. But sometimes people get palm tree growing wrong. Now, we’ll show you how to avoid the most common mistakes when planting a palm tree.

In this post, we’ll talk about how long do palm leaves last and talk about ways how you can extend the life span of this beautiful tree?

Let’s find out!

How Long Do Palm Leaves Last?         

Palm leaves are useful and attractive to homeowners and gardeners alike. They can be used for a number of purposes, like:

  • Hats
  • Woven baskets
  • Garden fencing

Although palm leaves are beautiful and easy to use, they do have a huge drawback: they don’t last very long.

Most people find that palm leaves begin to wither and die within 2-4 weeks after plucking. This is due to the fact that they’re now detached from the tree and the mineral sources in the form water is not reaching the leave and thus making it last way longer.

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1.      2-4 Weeks When Plucked

A palm tree leaf can live only two to four weeks after it is pulled off the tree. However, this small amount of time is enough for it to complete its most important task: decorating items.

Once a palm tree leaf has been plucked off the stem, it will begin to rapidly wither and die. As it does so, however, it will create tannins and other chemicals that are stored in the stem of the plant, which will be used later by the tree to sustain itself.

2.      Mineral Deficiency Cause This Issue

A lot of people think that palm trees are like other trees, and that they drop their leaves every year. However, palm trees drop their leaves all throughout the year, and they don’t drop them in the autumn only.

Palms do this to help the plant survive. The leaves require a source of energy from the plant via its root which is in the form of minerals.

And doesn’t getting enough minerals will cause the deficiency in the palm leaves because most probably they’re plucked.

3.      No Water Source

The trees are one of the most important sources of food, shelter, medicines and other products for human beings.

The palm tree is an especially useful tree because it produces fruit which can be used in many products. When palm trees are grown near water sources, they produce more fruit (such as coconut tree) than the trees that are not near water sources.

However, when there is no water source, then the palm tree becomes weaker and produces fewer fruits.

And thus because of not getting enough water palm leaves will last the least.