How Strong Is Rattan? [3 Facts]

How Strong Is Rattan?
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If you are planning to furnish your garden or patio, rattan products might be the best choice for you.

Rattan is an ideal material for outdoor furniture because it is strong and durable, yet very lightweight.

It comes in various styles and colors so that you can choose what suits your specific tastes.

In this post, we’ll talk about how strong rattan really is?

Let’s find out!

How Strong Is Rattan?

Rattan is one of the strongest wood on earth. It has been used to make furniture, tools, carvings and even musical instruments for centuries. The more you know about rattan, the more you will realize that it’s an amazing material that can be used in many different ways.

For example, did you know that rattan is so tough that it has been used for making tool handles? There are many other use cases of rattan simply because it’s one of the strong material found on the face of the earth.

3 Best Rattan Products To Try

1.      Does Rattan Break Easily?

Rattan, like most natural products is highly susceptible to the environment. If left out in the rain or snow it can break, but its primary weakness is heat.

Overheating of rattan products will cause them to warp and eventually become brittle and breakable. A few hours spent in a hot car on a sunny day will be enough to do this.

The best way to avoid this happening is to ensure your rattan furniture is kept out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents.

A great rule of thumb to follow is to avoid keeping it in patio unless you’re using much better version like PE, PU etc.

2.      Is Rattan Stronger Than Bamboo?

The rattan and bamboo are the two types of plants that grow in the tropical rainforest. For a long time, we think that rattan is #1 when it comes to how strong a material is. But do you know bamboo is far superior I strength?

While rattan is indeed strong and flexible, it’s not as strong as many people think. Bamboo can support tensile strength of up to 28,000 pounds which surpasses the steel having a score of only 23,000.

3.      What Is Stronger Wicker Or Rattan?

Wicker is a type of weaving that uses flexible, pliable material. The material can be made out of different things including wood, reeds and grasses.

Many people have this misconception…

Wicker is just a style of how the material needs to be woven while rattan is an actual material used to create wicker styles basket, utensils and so on.