Should You Put A Rug In Front Of The Toilet? [3 Things]

Should You Put A Rug In Front Of The Toilet?
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A beautiful home with gorgeous rugs really makes the space pop.

However, it is hard to get that perfect rug that accents your space just right.

There are many different types of rugs in the market today. Different people have different tastes in terms of rugs. Some like rugs that are in traditional styles while others like rug that are in contemporary designs.

However, in this post, we’ll talk about should you put a rug in front of the toilet?

Let’s get started!

Should You Put A Rug In Front Of The Toilet?

It is indeed unhygienic to put a rug in front of the toilet. It will give birth to various germs and will surely spread contamination in the washroom.

However, if you keep it clean at all times maybe every week than it can be the best option for you.

There are really cool options nowadays that you can put on the floor in front of the toilet but cotton ones (like these) are the top choice as they’re more absorbent and don’t mess the area around.

3 Best Rugs To Put In Front Of The Toilet

1.      Regular Maintenance

Toilet rugs are awesome. At least, they are awesome when they are clean.

But when they are dirty, they are just nasty.

So how do you clean a toilet rug? Well, there are two ways.

  • Method #1: hire a cleaning service
  • Method #2: clean it yourself

The second option is not so bad. You can easily clean your rug yourself. But how do you clean the rug itself? The answer is simple: put it in the washing machine and use a mild shampoo.

2.      Have Kids Or Pets?

You have kids or pets and have to put up with the mess they make when they walk in the bathroom.

Are you trying to figure out where to put a rug in front of the toilet? The best option would be to lay a rug in front of the toilet closely attached to the door.

But how do you stop your rug from getting dirty? There are a few options you can choose from.

First of all ask yourself if you even need a rug in front of the toilet? If you don’t, then obviously you can skip this step.

  • Material is important. You can get one that is made of material that doesn’t get dirty easily.
  • You can get one that is small in size so you can easily manage.
  • You can get one that has a pattern that hides the stains.

Kids or pets can make a lot of mess so it’s better to restrict them going near the rug especially when it’s wet condition.

3.      Looks Great

A rug in front of the toilet is a great idea for any bathroom, whether you’re renovating or just adding some new decor.

It not only looks great, but it also adds a little extra cushion for your feet when you’re getting out of the shower. It’s not expensive to buy either.

You can get a nice rug for less than $15. The rugs are also easy to clean. Simply take it outside, brush off the dirt and let it dry.

And they actually look good.