Do Self-Inking Stamps Dry Out? [3 Factors]

Do Self-Inking Stamps Dry Out?
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A self-inking stamp is an easy and cost-effective way to brand your company mailings. It will save you time, money and create a professional image for your business. Self-inking stamps are often used by companies in their direct mail campaigns, as they make it easier to personalise letters and envelopes.

In this post, we’ll talk about do self-inking stamps dry out?

Let’s find out!

Do Self-Inking Stamps Dry Out?

Self-inking stamps arrive to be a best marketing tool for any business. They are an easy and useful way to deliver the brand message to clients, prospects and employees.

However, if not taken care of properly, you may find yourself with a dried out stamp that refuses to leave an imprint on your paperwork. Self-inking stamps tend to dry out and you need to insert a new self-inking refill inside to keep using it again and again.

3 Best Self-Inking Stamps

1.      When The Ink Ends They Do

A self-inking stamp works like any other stamp. The ink pad is attached to the bottom of the stamp, and when you press down on the top of the stamp, the ink will be stamped onto whatever surface you are using it on.

Over time, depending on how often you use a self-inking stamp, the ink can start to dry out. If this happens and you notice that your stamps are coming out faint or light because they lack any ink, this means that your ink pad is almost out of ink and they dry out.

2.      Install A New Cartridge Refill

Under most circumstances, the best and quickest way to get your self-inking stamp running again is to replace the ink cartridge. This is a relatively easy process that doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge.

For most models, you will need to unscrew the top of the stamp, remove the old cartridge and then replace it with a new one.

There are numerous reasons why you should use stamps to send mail. The biggest among them is that they are an inexpensive form of advertising. It costs less than $1 per thousand letters sent, as opposed to other options.

3.      Keep The Usage

Self-inking stamps are the most popular type of stamp. They are compact and convenient to use. However, they have a huge disadvantage: you need to continue getting refills for this purpose, which makes it difficult to read their impressions after time if you don’t replace with a new one. Here’s how you can keep using your self-inking stamps for a long time.

The first step is to use a self-inking stamp pad with a good quality ink. There are two kinds of inks for self-inking stamps: dye-based ink and pigment-based ink. Pigment-based inks are usually light in nature and thus may not be able to print solid colors. We recommend getting dye based inks instead.