How Often Should You Clean Behind Your Stove? [3 Tips]

How Often Should You Clean Behind Your Stove?
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Cleaning the kitchen is an important task, but it should not be neglected. If you want your kitchen to be a clean and hygienic place, then you will have to put in some effort into cleaning the stove. The stove can become dirty quickly if you use it on a regular basis. Grease and dirt start to accumulate over time unless they are cleaned regularly.

In this post, we’ll talk about how often should you clean behind your stove?

Let’s find out!

How Often Should You Clean Behind Your Stove?

Most people think that the stove is the dirtiest thing in their kitchen. But it turns out that it’s actually the area behind the stove, where most of the dust and dirt accumulates. The reason for this is because no one can see it, so they tend to forget about it. But if you clean behind your stove at least once every 3 months, you will not only make your kitchen look better and more organized, but you will also have healthier air inside your house.

Aside from cleaning the stove, you should also clean the other appliances in your kitchen such as your refrigerator and dish washer.

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1.      Once Every 3 Months

You don’t need to be a professional, you can clean your stove with baking soda and vinegar in just few steps.

Some people avoid cleaning their stove regularly because it seems complex and time consuming. However some simple steps will help you complete this task faster than ever.

The most important part of the process is to prepare everything before starting to clean the stove. We recommend getting specialized grease cleaners as they’re very effective in cleaning behind the stoves and using them will not take you much time.

Also, you need to make sure that you’re cleaning behind your stove at least once every 3 months.

2.      Do Note That Grease Catch Fire

It has been seen that grease catches fire quite easily and can cause serious damage to your kitchen.

If you have a grease fire that occurs in your kitchen, the first thing you should do is turn off the burner or heat source. Use a fire extinguisher if it’s installed in your kitchen or other room in your house.

Using water might worsen the situations it’s better to use sand instead.

Because grease can catch fire it’s surely recommended you clean behind of your stove as soon as you see it there.

3.      If It’s Very Prominent Clean It Quite Often

It’s not a secret that keeping the grease away from your stove is extremely important. The grease could cause a fire if it accumulates behind your stove as talked about earlier.

Although, it’s recommended to clean behind the stove once every 3 months that doesn’t mean iuf your grease is very prominent and everyone is commenting on it than it’s a better idea to clean it more often.

More likely as soon as you see it grow.