Will Wall Decals Stick To Concrete Walls? [3 Considerations]

Will Wall Decals Stick To Concrete Walls?
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Wall decals are a great way to bring life and interest into any room of the house. They can be used for decorating a nursery or kids’ bedroom, but they can also be used in other rooms of the house as well.

There are lots of different wall decals available, from motivational quotes and designs to animal prints and silhouettes. Wall decals make it easy to update your space with a new look or accent without having to repaint anything or spend money on furniture.

In this post, we’ll talk about will wall decals stick to concrete walls?

Let’s find out!

Will Wall Decals Stick To Concrete Walls?

The wall decals can be difficult to stick on heavily textured walls, especially if you are going to apply the decals on peel & stick wall.

The solution is to make sure that the wall is smooth and clean. You need to start by cleaning your walls with a stiff bristle brush and soapy water, or with an all-purpose cleaner.

You can also use hair dryer to blow out any dust from the wall. After you remove all dust from the wall surface, this will give some more grip for the decal to adhere more easily.

3 Best Wall Decals To Get

1.      Wall Must Be Dust Free

It is a fact that wall decals are easy to stick and peel off your wall. They are very convenient because of their simple design, especially if you want to change the decor of your home on a regular basis.

Being easy to handle does not mean that these decals will stick themselves on your concrete wall. You need a little bit of effort for that. Your wall must be clean and dust free before you put any decal on it.

2.      Avoid Pasting On Textured Wall

You must be very careful when applying wall decals on heavily textured concrete walls.If the decals are not applied properly, it will make the wall surface look very tacky, awful and ugly.

The first thing you must do is to prepare a thorough plan for the decal installation.You need to understand the background of the wall, the texture and color of the concrete, and what type of decals you want to apply. You also need to do research about the installation process and the top tips in applying various types of decals on various types of walls. Most importantly, you should know the consequences before installing any decals on textured wall.

3.      Not Recommended

Installers and DIY enthusiasts alike have good intentions when they buy a set of wall decals. They want to use them, but many don’t know that it’s not recommended to install wall decals on concrete walls.

This is because the adhesive in the decal might not be able to hold up to the ups and downs and temperature/humidity changes that occur with concrete, causing it to fall off the wall.

Instead hang paintings that’s a much better solution for concrete walls.