Why Do Wine Glasses Have Stems? [3 Things To Know]

Why Do Wine Glasses Have Stems?
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Having the right wine glass is essential to the enjoyment of wine.

Wine glasses are one of the most important things in wine tasting. They are not just for decoration. A good wine glass can make the wine more enjoyable.

Here in this post, we’ll talk about why do wine glasses have stems?

Let’s begin!

Why Do Wine Glasses Have Stems?

People like to touch wine glasses in a more traditional way and it’s more difficult to do so without the stem.

But there’s also a practical reason:

They’re only used to drink wine and that’s it. No juice, no water and no soda.

Also, wine glasses provide a more enjoyable drinking experience.

Best Wine Glasses With Stem

1.      Better Swirling

Wine connoisseurs will tell you that swirling your wine glass before you take a sip is important, but it’s hard to do if your wine glass has no stem.

Most wine glasses have stems, but the stems aren’t long enough to reach the bottom of the glass, so how can you get the experience of swirling?

You can use what’s known as a wine swirler to swirl your wine, but that’s not very elegant. Wine glass stem provides a better swirling experience. Wine glass stem is a stem that is long enough to hold and move as per your need.

Glasses with long stems are commonly used for champagne glasses, but are also used for wine glasses if you want to have the experience of swirling.

2.      Looks Premium

A good glass of wine tastes even better when served in a premium-looking glass. And while you might be able to tell the difference between a wine glass with a stem and one without, the average person probably wouldn’t tell the different between the taste between the two glasses.

It’s strange even if the wine is from the same bottle the one served in a glass with stem tastes better than the one without the stem.

It’s a subtle difference that can make your glass of red wine taste even better but an expert can easily identify. But there are more reasons to choose a glass with a stem other than aesthetics.

3.      Traditional Look And Dedicated Experience

The stem: It’s not just a little thing that sticks out of a wine glass. As a matter of fact, it’s a traditional and iconic part of drinking wine that everyone should follow.

The stem of the wine glass is known for its durability, elegance, and, most importantly, its functionality.

The stem is the part that keeps the wine glass together while also providing a special grip on the part that you hold.

Also, when the weather is hot, the heat won’t bother your hands since it will be insulated by the stem.

If you were to drink from a glass without stem and in hot weather you’ll feel warm in your hand because you’re actually touching the warmth of the wine.