Chocolate Bath Bombs: 6 Best Options To Choose From

Chocolate Bath Bombs
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We all love chocolates and are ready to gulp it down anytime. Imagine the same scent coming from a bath bomb? Wouldn’t it be so exciting? Sure, it’ll be.

In today’s post, we’ll find some of the amazing chocolate fragrant bath bombs that are available online for us to enjoy.

Let’s have some fun.

6 Best Chocolate Bath Bombs That You Can Try

Pure chocolate bath bombs:

1.      BRUBAKER 6 Handmade”Chocolate Love” Spa Bath Bombs

This is a set of 6 epic bath bombs all containing chocolate fragrances. The company behind this product BRUBAKER also added shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil to really make these bath bombs totally worth it.

2.      Bath Bomb Fizzies by Soapie Shoppe (Choc. O. Bath Bomb)

Now this one is the most chocolaty bath bomb in this entire list both in terms of aroma and look wise.

Combination of chocolate and other fragrances:

3.      Big Premium 7.5oz Chocolate Mint Fizzy Bath Bomb

If you love the combination of mint and chocolate then that’s a very great option for you. Most people prefer this combination as it’s somewhat enhance not just the scent experience but the bathing experience as well.

4.      Ladybug Spot – Chocolate Mint Bath Bomb

This is another different option for mint and chocolate combination lovers.

5.      Chocolate Cherry Bath Bombs

This bath bomb is like a cherry on top.

Chocolate packaged bath bombs:

6.      Purelis Hershey’s bath bomb kisses

These are not chocolate bath bombs but rather packaged in a style of well-known brand Hershey’s Kisses. These actually look like those chocolates when wrapped. You can prank anyone by giving them these and saying they are chocolates when they aren’t.

Is Cocoa Powder Good For Your Skin?

These bath bombs contain cocoa powder which is an essential ingredient for them. And guess what? It’s actually very beneficial for the skin as well. Even applying cocoa powder on the skin has numerous benefits.

In beauty industry, there’s even a facial mask which is made using cocoa powder because of the benefits it can provide to the human skin.

The properties inside the cocoa powder helps clear, soften and detoxify your skin.

It can also help in elasticity of your skin thus reducing the formation of wrinkles and hide scars.

The Next Level Of Aroma Therapy?

Chocolate aromatherapy is helpful to reduce stress.  Consumers of chocolate scented bath bombs also claimed that they feel much more comfortable and warmth both during and after the bath.

And that’s enough what the study reveals even from earliest sources.

DIY Hot Chocolate Bath Bomb

From the above list if you’ve found the bath bomb that you liked great, if you prefer to make on your own then you should try out hot chocolate/cocoa bath bomb instead of a regular one.

What’s the difference?

The difference between a regular cocoa bath bomb and the hot chocolate one is not that much.

Hot chocolate bath bomb is a concept. Which entice people to use a bit warm water in your bathtub to make it feel like you’re bathing in an actual hot chocolate.

This is an amazing concept and does reward in terms of both mental and physical wellness.

Here’s a caveat though.

The hot chocolate bath bombs usually also uses chocolate syrup on top to make it all worth it.

The syrup is totally made with the combination of melted cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Wrapping It Up

Chocolate bath bombs are an excellent way to make your bath time fun.

Additionally, you get benefits for your skin along the way.

Chocolate bath bomb can be a quick mood enhancer.