What To Do With Failed Bath Bombs? [3 Options]

What To Do With Failed Bath Bombs
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The feeling of a failed bath bomb is not good. You do a lot of efforts to make it the perfect one but, it’s a sensitive art and can go wrong especially if you’re new to this.

In this post, we’ll find out:

What to do with failed bath bombs?

And talk about various hacks that you can perform.

Couple Of Ideas

Here are a couple of quick hacks that you can implement to rebuild the bath bomb again or to use in a powdered form if it’s too much destroyed.

Use as it’s

You can use the damaged bath bomb as it’s. Crush the bath bomb and add it in a zip lock bag or air-tight container and let the powder dry if it has already attracted moisture.

Then once you’re ready to go inside your bathtub just spill the powder as it’s or use a soft nylon cloth and knot the powder inside. That’s the much better option.

This will also act as a bath bomb providing you the same kind of slow fizzy fun.


You can also remold the bath bomb by first destroying it completely and converting it in to a fine powder. Once it’s done you can use the same process which you normally would to make the bath bomb from scratch.

Of course, you’ll need to use some wet ingredient again. Something like essential or coconut oil. In this case, you need to continue stirring the bath bomb powder and gradually add the essential oil in the powder.

You don’t have to stop the stir because then the citric acid that is presented inside the bath bomb will start reacting and mixing with the wet ingredients and thus will make the whole procedure worse again.

After that put the solution in whatever mold you’re using.

Alternatively, if your bath bomb is not fully damaged you can use the next technique which is fill in the cracks.

Fill in the cracks

If your bath bomb is not fully damaged then you can take advantage of it by using filling the crack technique.

Essentially, what you’re doing is making a bit more dough for the bath bomb to fill in the cracks so it can become perfect as it was before.

This technique does require perfect handling so you don’t make the bath bomb even worse than it is already.

Why Do Bath Bombs Even Fail?

There are various reasons as to why they fail and some of them are:

  • Recipe issue
  • Atmosphere
  • Not properly dried
  • Process issue
  • Not a perfect ratio of dense and light ingredients

Perfect Technique To Use

You should have a proper process laid down beforehand with enough details on each point. This step also involves making sure you’re using calculated ingredients using beaker cups as a measuring instrument.

Fragrance of bath bombs might also dissipate especially if the bath bomb is quite damaged already so you might need to make an addition of it so the second attempt comes out better than the previous.

Wrapping It Up

Now you should have a firm knowledge about what you need to do with your failed bath bombs.

Sometimes you need to let go as it’s and sometimes you can remold it to make it better once again because bath bombs can erupt gift items such as rings and you really don’t need to ruin that feeling of excitement for sure.