Bath Bomb Drying Tray [4 Great Options]

bath bomb drying tray
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If you’re new to making bath bombs, you might have come across drying trays. Maybe you’re following a tutorial and you’ve heard something about bath bombs drying tray and suddenly you wondered and did a search online.

Bath bomb drying tray is also known as drying mat, and even drying racks.

In this post, we’ll be going to cover where you can find a few best products for your use. We’ll also discuss a few technicalities you need to follow to ensure your bath bombs land safely on these drying trays without breakage.

Purpose You Didn’t Knew

The use of these trays is to dry the bath bombs when you freshly make them and take out of the molds. As the name implies, they are for drying purposes but additionally, you can get benefitted when you use them as containers as well.

Like a cherry on top, they also serve well in curing the bath bombs and preventing flat bottoms.

Picking The Right Size

Picking The Right Size

You have to be clear what size of bath bombs you want to dry. And based on your preference you’ll pick the right product.

On a quick note, the average size of a bath bomb is 2.5 inches and preferably that’s what you should aim for. But, there’s no issue when you pick non-standard sizes.

That said, below are a few great options to choose from.

Bath Bomb Drying Tray Product Recommendations

Bath Bomb Drying Tray Product Recommendations

BAKER DEPOT Bath Bombs Pink Color Set

Beautifully designed egg-shaped bath bomb tray.

Sphere BPA Free Silicone Bath Bomb Tray

This tray is built with silicone which means super easy to manage when you’re working with it.

R.E.D. Drying Tray – 1 Tray (no Wheels) – Holds 100 Bars! – Made in The U.S.A.

This is a usual soap tray but, it can be used for drying the bath bombs as well with an additional two things and those are:

· A hard foam

· Plastic wrap

Funshowcase 15 Cavity Semi Sphere Mold Tray

Although, the title of this product doesn’t mention anything about bath bombs but, the description clearly mentions it. Whether it’s a tray specifically for chocolate, cake or other, it can also be utilized for drying bath bombs.

What Factors We Should Look At?

Air ventilation

An important factor you should look for when getting these drying trays is that they should be somewhat air vented. Meaning the air should be able to pass within the structure of them when they’re set for the drying process.

The good part is you should be able to tell pretty quickly looking at a product if they are air-vented. Good airflow is required so you can get solid hard bath bombs when the drying process completes.

Note: Air ventilation is only required in products that are of mold structure. If you’re using open trays don’t worry about that. Open trays are covered later in the post.


How many bath bombs you want to dry at a given time? For example, the above-listed product is a 6 cavity. This means you can easily cure and dry 6 of your bath bombs at a single time.

Other Methods Of Drying

Other methods are not recommended as these drying trays are made specifically to dry bath bombs so you should use them in most cases.

But, if for some reason you couldn’t be able to use these then you can try a quick over rack hack.

You can try experimenting with it as it doesn’t work all the time. Plus, it requires a perfect combination of skill, packaging, temperature and the ingredients you’ve used inside the bath bomb.

A Few More Suggestions

Make sure you whisk all the ingredients properly before going to molding and drying steps. Often, when the ingredients and not mixed well may lead to a fragile bath bomb.

Using a hygrometer is also a very great idea as it tells you the humidity level of the air so you can know when your bath bombs come out perfectly. You can then track those numbers so you always remain skillful.

Usually, it’s recommended not to start making bath bombs when the humidity level of the air is over 40%. As obvious, bath bombs don’t like moisture, an exception in the case of when you already have a dehumidifier set up in your room and you can use it.


To dry bath bombs quickly, you need to invest in a good quality tray. Or implement some hacks to achieve the same quality outcome as discussed earlier. The goal is to always make them perfectly round and harder as well. And a bath bomb drying tray can get the job done and the best part it doesn’t cost much.

The use of a dehumidifier is a great investment as well, especially when you’re dealing with bath bombs on a commercial or industrial level.

Making bath bombs from start to finish is a hard job but once you hone the skills that’ll come easy. At the start, you might often get to the square one.