Cost To Install Bathroom Sink And Faucet

cost to install bathroom sink and faucet
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When you’re setting up your bathroom or just a new sink you might have realized how much it costs to install bathroom sink and faucet.

Generally, bathroom installation with faucet cost between $150 to $500.

But, it can vary greatly depending on the individual or company you’ve hired and if you’ve a special type of bathroom sink and faucet that they don’t deal with on a day to day basis.

Modernized type of bathroom sink might be hard to install so you can expect to be charged a bit more.

How Much Time It Takes?

Installation of a bathroom sink with faucet shouldn’t take more than 3 hours.

It can take around 1-3 hours depending on the expertise and how many labors are there to help you and whether every necessary item is available at that time.

However, if the base is ready meaning the exact location where it needs to be installed and you’re uninstalling a previous one.

In that case, chances are the work might be pretty quick.

As the drill holes are already present and the plumber knows where to put the sink.

Though, unscrewing items from the wall might be difficult and time-consuming but, in most cases if they aren’t stuck they should come out easily.

Exception To The Vanity Sink

The above mentioned price is only for the regular sinks. Vanity sinks are different and you should expect to pay more in that case.

The installation of the vanity sink cost around $200 – $1000 (per vanity)or might be even more depending on how stylish and how difficult it’s to setup.

Getting A Professional Help

You might be thinking up calling Lowes or Home Depot to help you in such a case. They might be a little bit expensive then any local businesses.

If your budget is low it’s recommended to call upon the local individual to help you out installing the sink.

In both the cases the price might not differ a lot but you’ll save a bit for sure. Perfect, if you’re low on a budget but needs a same quality.

Bathroom Sink Types

There are various types of bathroom sink in the market. Sinks like:

  • Stone
  • Wooden
  • Quartz
  • Bowl
  • Narrow

And a lot more. As each sink type requires a different set of skill set and thus the amount you pay might differ widely.

Unlike the general sinks like porcelain and stainless steel which are quite common and come under the standard installation charges these sinks are different.

Final Thoughts

Cost to install bathroom sink and faucet is generally between $150 – $500 as discussed earlier but might different depending on what sink you’ve got.

Plus, exception to the vanity as just a sink is different from vanity so it’s charged more.