Bowless Bathroom Sink: The Flat Style [2020]

Bowless Bathroom Sink
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Bowless bathroom sink gives you an opportunity to stay away from certain styles that you don’t want to install in your bathroom.

When you cut down the bowl shape from your to-do list, you’re left with only flat surface sinks.

Since these are the only ones that fit your criteria.

There’s an issue though.

These flat surfaced sinks are not widely available in the market. Not even on some big e-commerce brands like eBay, Walmart and Amazon.

Atleast when it comes to what actually flat surfaced sink mean.

Though, there are options like these:

KRAUS KWF410-33 Kore Workstation 33-inch Farmhouse Flat Apron Front 16 Gauge Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Integrated Ledge and Accessories (Pack of 5)

But, we can’t say that it’s a pure bowless sink (you’ll know the reason why further down the post) but, it’s quite good for the purpose intended.

Consider it as a bowl sink but with a grill on it so it seems like it’s a unique style of sink when it’s not. It simply gives an illusion of a bowless sink. It’s just a regular square bowl sink made up of stainless steel.

Though the above product is mainly for the kitchen, the product has been showcased to get you the concept of the bowless sink.

What Exactly Are Bowless Sinks?

Bowless sinks doesn’t look like a regular sink at all. Instead, they are just pure flat. The drain system is not on the position where it’s normally installed.

But, it’s sloped towards the attaching wall and made in such a way that clogging rarely happens.

Here’s an example:

Here’s another example to understand much better:

Wrapping It Up

Bowless bathroom sinks are great as you saw in the video above. But, these types of sinks aren’t commercially available as of now. It’s just a concept which we think will eventually catch up lately and become popular.

If you’d like you can get the product showcased above. It’s quite like the bowless sink.