Bathroom Sink Drain Stopper Stuck [3 Hacks]

Bathroom sink drain stopper stuck
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Most of the people face the issue of bathroom sink drain stopper stuck when they use the pop-up type in their basin as a drainage system.

The issue with the pop-up drain stopper is that if you don’t use it time to time (i.e. pushing and pulling of it) the spring system of it often gets rusty and damaged and because of that when you push, it remains pushed and never come back again or it can be another way around.

In this post, we’ll find out solution that we can implement to unstuck the stuck drain stopper.

The Plan Of Action…

Are you looking to resolve the issue by yourself? If so, you’ll need these tools to get started:

  • Locking pliers
  • Flashlight
  • Screw driver

Suction Cups

Using a suction cup that is of the same size as the size of the pop-up drain stopper you’re using.  This is a great hack to forcefully pull the stuck drain stopper up and start working on it or perhaps try to find the actual cause.

Once it’s reset to the actual position you can twist and detach it to further inspection.

Lose Clevis Screw

Sometimes the issue is quite simple and the clevis screw under your sink might be lose which you just need to tight it up using a screw driver or via locking pliers.

Just for the clarification it’s a screw that’s presents in the system of the lift rod.

You just need to tighten it. And make sure you don’t hand tight it as it doesn’t work very well in the long run.

Stopper Flange Plastic Strip Broken

It may be possible that the plastic of your stopper flange may have got broken. In that case you need to have that specific part replaced with a new one after disassembling it and setting it up as a proper mechanism again.

Or a better approach would be to use a new pop-up drain.

Why Does The Drain Stopper Stuck?

Why Does The Drain Stopper Stuck?

Usually the stopper gets stuck because of the gunk present in your drain system or something might get unhooked or a loose connection without you even knowing.

You can call on a professional for an expert assistance or try to fix it yourself as long as you’re okay to pull yourself under the sink.

Most people don’t want to go inside there sinks but, if it’s not you good for you.

Wrapping It Up

When the bathroom sink drain stopper is stuck the whole approach becomes bad and we couldn’t be able to use the sinks as the way we should be using it and this require quick and proper fixing.

Plus, it’s better for the working mechanism of the stopper to be pushed and pulled various times throughout the week to remain in a better condition.

This way the stopper remains active and any rust and or debris couldn’t be able to attach to it and thus you bathroom drain stopper doesn’t get faulty very soon.

Though, you maybe able to use the sink without any issues especially in the case of pop-up stopper and if it’s already pulled. However, if it’s stuck in the pushed position, that is the problem and you really need to fix it as soon as possible.