Bathroom Sink: No Hot Water? [7 Solutions]

bathroom sink no hot water
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Having no access to hot water can be quite troublesome especially in the winter season.

Even if it’s just a sink issue and all other bathroom sanitary is working fine but still we mostly stick to the basin whenever we want to wash our hands and face.

So it’s necessary to fix the no hot water issue causing the bathroom sink for the sake of our own good selves.

Here are the 7 solutions you need to know:

1) Check Water Valve Under The Sink

Sometimes and for some reasons one of your house member may have turned off the water valve under the sink. You need to check it first as this is usually the issue and simply by turning it back on, the issue can be resolved.

2) Try A Different Faucet

By checking another faucet in your home that’s attached to the same water heater can simply tell you what the actual cause is. If you find no hot water in another faucet as well chances are the hot water isn’t working the way it should.

3) Inspect The Water Heater

Different types of water heaters need different types of inspection. There are two common types available in the market and those are:


In the gas heater check for things like – if there’s enough gas present, if the pilot is blown off or thermostat is not working properly.


In the electric heater check for if there are any burnt spots. That’s a usual case in the electric water heater.

4) Inspect Faucet

If the water heater is working properly it maybe the issue of the water faucet itself. Disassemble it for thorough inspection and to spot the main problem.

There’s a high chance that your water faucet is a single cartridge type which may already been blocked.

5) Pull The Cartridge Out

Assuming it’s a cartridge issue as usually it’s you need to pull it out using tools like Allen wrench and/or screwdriver.

6) Use Awl

There are various ports in the cartridge which you need to clean using an awl tool. It’s better you first clean it properly with an awl and let the cartridge soaked in white vinegar overnight. This way the cartridge is much better cleaned and in areas where you might not have reached in the first place.

7) Reassemble The Faucet

Now, it’s time for a test. Reassemble the faucet and see if it’s now any better. In most cases it should work properly now. However, if it doesn’t you need to replace the cartridge with a new one after that your issue will get resolved most of the times.

8) Still Having An Issue?

Consider contacting with the local plumbing business for further inspection if you continue to face the same issue after you tried the hacks presented in this list. There might be a technical fault that you might not be aware of which may require a professional assistance.

Wrapping It Up

The requirement of hot water in the bathroom sink is very important. If you happen to be living in a cold area you should be ready with alternatives beforehand the hot water problem comes otherwise it would be quite troublesome for you to manage at a given moment.