Is It Ok To Boil Water In Cast Iron? [Well…]

Is It Ok To Boil Water In Cast Iron?
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Cast iron cookware is making a big comeback. It’s easy to see why. Cast iron pans have heaps of advantages over regular stainless steel pans and other materials as well.

They are healthier, they are easy to clean, but most of all, they are extremely durable. With proper maintenance, they will last for decades.

But, many of your have asked if boiling water in a cast iron is possible or not. Let’s find out…

Is It Ok To Boil Water In Cast Iron?

Cast iron can be used to cook, but not to boil.

You need to use a thick stainless steel pot to boil water. Boiling water in a cast iron pan may damage the pan as it’s not made for this purpose.

The water will evaporate at high temperatures from your cast iron pan, but leave behind what is called a “film” on the surface of the pan.

This is common with all metals, but often times it does not affect their performance. If you are cooking with a cast iron pan, you are exposing the pan to temperature of or more than 212° Fahrenheit.

Anything over 212° Fahrenheit will evaporate the water quickly, but the pan surface will not be affected if this is not your daily regimen.

Boiling water on a cast iron pan will stress the cast iron and can damage your utensil if this is done too much times.

Best Cast Iron Products To Use

Only To Remove Stuck On Chunks

Cleaning a cast iron pan may seem like a chore, but it’s actually pretty easy. Once you’ve used your cast iron pan a few times, and if they’ve attracted food debris on the top of the surface only than you should use your cast iron utensil to boil the water.

Use Stainless Steel Pot Instead

If the water you’re heating is for drinking, then you’ll want to make sure that it is clean and free of any bacteria. If your water is coming from a city source, it should be fine, otherwise you might want to boil it for a few minutes to be sure. To make this task healthier, you should use a stainless steel pot because it’s the best material to boil water in.

Don’t Do It Often

One of the biggest problems with cast iron skillets is that they can rust if not maintained properly. This is because cast iron is porous.

Water vapor can seep through these holes and lead to rust. For this reason, boiling water too often can cause problem with your cast iron skillet pan.

Wrapping It Up

So yes, you can boil water in a cast iron pan considering you’re not doing it too often and doing it for a purpose of removing food debris from the top of he surface.