Do Older Corelle Dishes Contain Lead? [3 Considerations]

Do Older Corelle Dishes Contain Lead?
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Corelle’s dinnerware line is one of the most popular in the world, and for good reason. It’s affordable, durable, microwave safe and dishwasher friendly. The pieces are made from Vitrelle glass which has a high strength to weight ratio so that it is resistant to chipping.

While some people may be hesitant about using Corelle dishes because they think they are too delicate and will break easily, this is simply not true.

However, in this post, we’ll talk about do older corelle dishes contain lead?

Let’s find out!

Do Older Corelle Dishes Contain Lead?

Corelle Brands have been manufacturing and distributing dinnerware products for years. They are well known for their patterns and their ability to withstand tough wear and tear. Over the years, there have been concerns from consumers about lead in their products.

While other manufacturers have recalled lead-based products, Corelle Brands has sought to address the issue by being transparent about their practices, reducing the amount of lead in their products, and replacing certain lines of old dishes with new lines that have lower amounts of lead.

The good news in Corelle products after the year 2000 are said to be totally lead-free.

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1.      Yes They Do

Over the years, older Corelle dishes have been found to contain lead. One of the reasons why they use lead is to create a glaze on the surface to make it shine. It’s not an incredibly high level of lead, the average amount is pretty less can’t be considered negligible but, less. The concern is that over time you can ingest that lead which obviously makes it dangerous.

Even though there are more recent Corelle pieces that have been made to be safer and don’t contain lead, we still recommend replacing your older Corelle utensils with the newer ones.

2.      Corelle Dishes Older Than 2000

Corelle has been a leader in the home items industry for many years. Their products have won the trust of millions of customers. However, recently, there have been rumors that their dishes contain lead, which is toxic and harmful to human health.

While the rumors are true but the newer Corelle dishes are actually free from any lead starting from the year 2000 so if you’ve bought any dishes after that time you’re pretty safe.

3.      Newer Ones Don’t

Newer Corelle dishes do not contain lead!

An old rumor about the harmfulness of lead in newer Corelle dishes has been circulating for years. Some people believe that the newer dishes are made with lead paint and could be harmful to eat off of. This is a myth, but it has since been proven wrong by many different sources. Newer Corelle dishes do not contain any lead.

There was never any truth to this rumor, but it is still popular today. In fact, there are still over 1000 hits on Google for the search term “Corelle dishes contain lead”.