Why Is Coke In Glass Bottles So Expensive? [3 Factors]

Why Is Coke In Glass Bottles So Expensive?
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Coca-Cola is a well-recognized brand. It has been the leader in soft drinks since its inception, and it continues to be the industry standard. Coca-Cola uses many different strategies to remain the biggest soft drink company in the world, such as their sponsorship of the Olympics and partnerships with other big brands.

However, in this post, we’ll be talking about a different aspect and that’s why is coke in glass bottles so expensive?

Let’s find out!

Why Is Coke In Glass Bottles So Expensive?

The coke in a glass is expensive because glass can break easily and can cause damage on an environmental level and thus this might be the reason behind why coke glass bottles are so expensive.

It’s possible that they’re avoiding the use of glass and just because of that the cost of glass is high.

If you think about it, the cost should have been less because there’s no need to recycle the bottle as it require when it comes to the cans.

Glass bottles just need to be washed and it’s ready to be used.

3 Best Coke In Glass Bottles To Get

1.      Not Environment Friendly

When you buy a Coke in a glass bottle it’s not environmentally friendly product.

Even though a glass bottle is easily reusable and even after that it’s not really worth it. The reason? When the glass breaks, it shatters the glass here and there which makes it hard to put inside a dustbin because the crystals are very small to pick up and due to the fact that these crystal can actually arm a human being which is not we want.

That’s one of the reasons why coke in glass bottles is expensive as they want you to discontinue.

2.      To Stop The Usage Of Glass Bottles

The price of coca-cola in glass bottles is more than that of the plastic ones. The main reason behind this price gap is to discourage the usage of glass bottles.

By making coke expensive in glass bottles, people will be discouraged from buying it in such containers, hence recycling will become easier for companies and governments just by focusing on cans and plastic bottles instead.

3.      Cracks And Other Problems

Coca-Cola has long been replacing their bottles with cans and plastic. This is because it’s cheaper and more efficient to ship and distribute. However, the glass bottles are still produced. But not for the reasons you think.

The glass bottles are produced in different sizes, some of which are only available in very few countries. The bottles are made for these smaller markets because they’re expensive to produce compared to cans or plastic. They’re not really expensive to produce but the cracking and breaking bottles can cost a lot when sending the soft drinks from one place to another.