Why Crocs Are So Expensive? [3 Points]

Why Crocs Are So Expensive?
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Having a good pair of shoes is important as it is the first thing that will touch the ground as you walk.

Good shoes can make your life easier and they can even protect you from injuries. Shoes can even determine whether you survive a day or not. For instance, if you are a soldier and you will be going into battle and you don’t have a tough and protective pair of boots, then you might not survive the battle.

In this post however, we’ll talk about why crocs are so expensive?

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Why Crocs Are So Expensive?

Deciding the expensive price of a product is a part of a marketing company.

Some ways in determining the price of a product is to determine the material used in the product and from where it gets imported if it’s the case.

Crocs were not expensive when they first hit the market, but when they were in the market, the company decided to increase its value. In fact, it is a well-known fact that when a company wants to increase its value, it starts by increasing its price mainly because the value they’re providing.

Here are more reasons below…

3 Best Unisex Crocs Options

1.      Branding

Have you ever asked yourself why you are spending so much money on Crocs?

It’s simple, because of their branding. If you are familiar with the product or if you have ever seen one in real life, you probably know what I’m talking about.

They are ugly they are cute. They are so weird they are cool. They are so expensive they are cheap.

The product is so weird, ugly and expensive that it has become desirable for their brand. If you are familiar with them, you know that they are popular among even celebrities. Many celebrities have been photographed in the brand, which has boosted its popularity.

It is kind of like when you see a celebrity in the same outfit as you, you feel like you’re in style. This is what has happened with Crocs. The company has made the most of its slogan “Come As You Are” by developing a unique brand with no competition. The company has used its uniqueness to create a niche for itself in the shoe business..

2.      Usefulness

Crocs have been around since 2002 when they were introduced by 3 people.

The shoes were designed to be a comfortable alternative to flip flops, and they have been a huge hit. Crocs are actually a type of clog that is made from a synthetic material that makes them incredibly durable.

3.      Quality

Quality is often something that is overlooked when it comes to footwear, but quality shoes such as Crocs will last longer and be more comfortable.

Crocs were created by 3 people passionate in building comfortable, durable yet stylish shoes.

The early adapters of crocs loved the ease of use of these shoes and due to the fact that they were getting very unique product.