Should Curtains Go To The Ceiling? [3 Reasons]

Should Curtains Go To The Ceiling?
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Designers love using curtains to frame a room. They add drama, color and texture to a room that can instantly freshen up the space. When people walk into your home they are greeted by the sight of your windows and walls so it’s important that they look their best. That is where curtains come in handy.

No matter what style or design you’re looking for, there is an option out there for every kind of taste and budget.

However, in this post, we’ll talk about should curtains go to the ceiling?

Let’s find out!

Should Curtains Go To The Ceiling?

Yes, curtains can go to the ceiling if required.

Many people make the mistake of hanging their curtains too low. It’s an easy mistake to make, and one that a lot of people don’t realise they’re making until it’s too late. On the surface, it seems like a small thing to get wrong, but it can be incredibly annoying when you want to change the window frame for example.

Curtains should always be 4-6 inches above the window frame, and they should fall straight down. It’s tempting to get the work done as immediately as possible, but if you want any chance of them looking nice in the long run, take this simple step of keeping your curtains above at least 4-6 inches from the top of the frame.

But, when it comes to the ceiling sure curtains can go.

3 Best Curtains To Get

1.      To Separate The Rooms

You can separate the room by using curtains from ceiling. In this way, you can use one room for two purposes.

For example, if you have a basement that is not used much and you want to turn it into a guest room or home office you can put the curtains in such a way that they divide the space into two rooms. This way you can use both rooms as per your requirement.

This is a quick and easy solution to help you build 2 rooms out of 1 instantly.

2.      If Needed

If you are looking for a way to finish the look of your room, there is always the option of using curtains. Curtains are a great way to add style and texture to any room in your house. Often times, people think that having long curtains in a room will make it appear smaller.

But, if needed, you can for sure make use of your ceiling to hang the curtains. This way not only your room can look good but also help you in fulfilling your needs.

3.      To Hide The Mold Walls

One of the first things that people do when they are planning to buy a new home or renovate their current home is to look at the walls.

Then, they discover, horror of horrors, mold on the walls. This is not something that you want to happen in your home. If it does, you will want to make sure that you resolve it quickly, before it spreads and migrates into other parts of your home.

The best and quick solution you can do is to hang curtains from the ceiling so it can hide the molded walls.