How Much Electricity Do Dehumidifiers Use?

How Much Electricity Do Dehumidifiers Use?
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In order to know how much electricity do dehumidifiers use, let’s first analyze how it operates.

Having this understanding will help us to answer more accurately.

How Dehumidifier Work?

The function of dehumidifiers is quite simple. It first draws the warm air present in your home or room or wherever you’ve installed it and then releases it back after taking the moisture.

Dehumidifiers can change about 30-50% of the humidity present in the air.

For example, if your room is currently experiencing the humidity of 60, than dehumidifier can drop it down to about 30-42.

So that you can feel a bit comfort in your home.

In Short…

Most dehumidifiers available in the market have a power rating of 280 watt / hour.

So let’s say your current utility power costs around 14 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Mathematically, 0.280 x 14 = 3.92 cents per hour.

That’s not a lot. Much cheaper than AC which typically produces around 50 cents per hour.

Knowing This Can Help A Lot…

How does air conditioner work? Same as dehumidifiers, AC also sucks the air and cool it down until the heat present in the air is completely removed. Once the air is cool enough, it throws the air out making a pleasant and cool environment.

This process continues until the desired temperature is reached.

Dehumidifier Vs Air Conditioners

Now the only difference between the two is that dehumidifier doesn’t cool the air instead it draws the humidity out which in turn let the air become a bit cool.

Whereas the air condition uses a gas to cool the air and thus need more power and electricity as the use of AC is more intense as compared to dehumidifier.

In short, dehumidifiers don’t increase your electricity consumption a lot when comparing to AC.

In Comparison With A Ceiling Fan

We all know, a ceiling fan doesn’t cost much but let’s see how it compares to the dehumidifier:

Ceiling fan cost about 1 cent per hour.

In comparison, it’s 3.5 x less than the dehumidifier.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know, how much electricity do dehumidifiers use. Make use of it wisely and you’ll rarely see any difference in your electricity bills.

Obviously, you don’t need to run it all day and night.

6 hours is enough. 12 is great. But, in rare cases you need to let it run for a whole day.