Compressed Air Can For PC [Best Option & Alternatives]

Compressed Air Can For PC
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At some point in your life you might feel the need to remove the dust from your PC especially from the keyboard.

While we have professional air cans available for the PC but, if you need more home based options that you need to use urgently we’ll discuss about them in this post.

Also, we’ll talk about the best compressed air can for your PC that you can use occasionally to keep your PC clean and tidy which in return improves the performance as well.

Laptop Vs Desktop PC

Before you begin with the compressed air session on your PC let’s first identify which PC do you have? Is it desktop tower or a laptop?

Generally, laptops are more sensitive and are prone to damage if proper distance is not kept.

We recommend you to be mindful of this or you might damage your device in the process.

Best Option

There are a lot of options to choose from but our #1 recommendation is:

Falcon Dust, Off Compressed Gas (152a) Disposable Cleaning Duster

5 Alternatives

1.      Electric duster

Electric duster is another viable option and works exactly same like the air can. The only difference is electric duster requires electricity to run and is more lasting. If you think you might need to clean the dust more often considering getting one instead of the compressed air can.

2.      Balloon hack

Balloon hack can also work great and perfect for laptop PC as they’re sensitive. You just need to blow up the balloon and once it reaches the full size, direct it towards your laptop keyboard and it’ll wipe out most of the dust this way. It’s not a very good option to try but a great hack for immediate use.

3.      Mouth Pressure

You can also use your mouth to remove dust particles. Simply, breath in as much air you can hold and exhale by mouth with pressure. This is a great way since you can adjust the speed of the pressure yourself.

4.      Hair dryer

Hair dryer can also work great if it has the option to manually select the temperature or otherwise it’ll make your PC hot which might interfere with its performance for a while.

5.      Vacuum cleaner

It’s one of the best alternatives to compressed air cans in my opinion. The reason being vacuum gets the dirt well and makes the place tidy without messing it up all over the place.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know about the best compressed air can for PC and some alternatives that you try.