Is 32 Inches Too High For A Desk? [3 Factors]

Is 32 Inches Too High For A Desk?
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Most individuals spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk. The average person sits for about 8 hours each day and works an additional 1-2 hours. This can cause chronic health problems if you are not sitting in the right ergonomic position.

Sitting improperly will lead to back pain, neck pain, muscle weakness and fatigue, headaches and even poor circulation. If you want to avoid these health issues it is important to find a proper desk that is of good height.

In this post, we’ll talk about is 32 inches too high for a desk?

Let’s find out!

Is 32 Inches Too High For A Desk?

With the help of a 32 inch desk, you can do your work with ease and comfort if you’re of appropriate height.

Many people do not know that height of a desk can be adjusted according to our needs and requirements. That’s why it’s always recommended to use an adjustable desk for better experience.

The height of a desk can be altered as per our convenience. For example, if you are tall and you have to sit at a low level table or chair, then it would definitely give discomfort to you. In contrast, if you are shorter in height then you would have to bend before your computer screen which is also not comfortable. Some people like bending while working on their desks and some do not prefer this method.

So yes, 32 inches of desk can be high for some people while others can comfortably enjoy the experience it all depends on the height you have.

3 Best Adjustable Desks To Consider

1.      Go For Adjustable Desk

We are no longer the most important people in our lives. Our habits have taken that place and it’s time to take control of them.

It is very important to keep your body in a fit shape and good health, but this is not always possible at work. That’s why you need adjustable desks, which is an essential part of every office furniture set. Adjustable desks will help you keep a healthy lifestyle without leaving the job.

Even at home you should choose adjustable desk that way you’ll never ever care about this question if 32 inches are too high or not.

2.      Depends On Your Height

It totally depends on your height. If the desk is 32 inches high, it is high for someone who is below average height (5 feet 8 inches), but low for someone who is above average height (5 feet 6 inches).

If you are a tall person and the desk height is 32 inches then it is ok for you but if you are short and your height is less than 5.4 feet then it will be very uncomfortable for you to work on that desk because you will have to sit above it and get your hands up.

But if you are a tall person and your height is more than 6 feet then you can easily use that table because of its height.

3.      Generally Not That Much

There are a lot of people who live in a dream world thinking that a smaller desk can help them with productivity. To be honest, there is no such thing as too big desk or too small desk and a lot of people have done just fine with it any length.

It’s actually not about the size of your desk but rather how you use it. If you have all the necessary things on your desk but they are in disorganized manner, then it can cause some problem for you and hurt your focus. The thing is most desks are made from average humans so length usually doesn’t matter especially when you’re of average height.

So to conclude, 32 inches is not too high or desk.