How Often Should You Wash Wool Dryer Balls? [2 Tips]

How Often Should You Wash Wool Dryer Balls?
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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and money saving method to dry your clothes, you might want to consider using a set of wool dryer balls. These small sphericals are made from material that acts as a natural softener and static reducer.

Since they replace the need for both fabric softener and dryer sheets, these reusable wool balls can save you quite a bit of money over time.

In this post, we’ll talk about how often should you wash wool dryer balls?

Let’s find out!

How Often Should You Wash Wool Dryer Balls?

Your dryer balls are one of the most popular laundry accessories available today, but do you know that you should wash them after every 100 loads?

If you don’t, then you risk having bacteria and fungi growing on your laundry balls. Not only does this make them lumpy, but it can also stain your clothes.

How to care for your wool dryer balls?

Simply wash them with a little soap and water after every 100 loads to make sure they stay clean and lint-free. You will not only extend their life, but will also keep your clothes stain-free all the time.

3 Best Wool Dryer Balls To Get

1.      Remember The Count

Remember how many times you’ve used your dryer balls? If you don’t, it’s the first step to figuring out how much money they can potentially save you and when you need to wash them until you use it again.

Dryer balls are an energy-efficient alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softeners that decrease drying time while saving you money. If your dryer balls become hard, brittle or cracked, it’s time to toss them and buy new ones.

You’ll know when it’s time to replace your dryer balls if they dull, crack or feel rough which is usually the case after about 1000 loads.

2.      Better To Throw Instead Of Washing

If you are a pet owner, you might have read on social media that using dryer balls is better for your clothes and for the environment but using the same set of dryer balls so many times can cause more harm than good.

The reason why dryer balls are so effective is because they help your clothes to tumble around and prevent rubbing against each other. If you use the same dryer balls for a long time, they will lose their shape and therefore won’t be able to do this as well.

It’s much better to throw your dryer balls instead of reusing them again and again especially when you’ve crossed over 1000 loads.