Is Dewalt Better Than Makita? [2 Reasons]

Is Dewalt Better Than Makita?
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The importance of tools in our daily lives cannot be underestimated.

For every job we have tools and we use them in all aspects of our lives from carpentry to fixing screws and running chainsaws.

From the smallest to biggest tasks that we complete in our lives we use tools in one form or another. The importance of tools in our lives is made more apparent when we start to work on our own without hiring anyone.

There are many tools available in the market which can come in very handy while working on a project, but there are some tools which are considered to be the best in the industry. These tools are used by professionals, so using them can give you an edge over others.

And those popular tools are Dewalt and Matika and in this post we’ll talk about is Dewalt better than Makita?

Is Dewalt Better Than Makita?

DeWalt is a great brand. We all know that. But we strongly believe that Makita is no less.

In fact, if you look at their gear, you’ll be surprised to see a number of similarities. Both companies are very strong and their customers are always satisfied with the quality of their products.

However, most people would like to choose Makita over DeWalt. Although DeWalt is not bad, but Makita is a better brand to go with.

1.      Price Point

Providing affordable goods is one of the main reasons why Dewalt is so successful.

Dewalt is able to do this by cutting out the middlemen, which in most cases are the distributors, and passing the savings onto the customer. This means that the customer is able to get the product at a lower price.

This is where Dewalt does extremely well compared to Matika.

Matika provides the same up to date technology but at a higher price than Dewalt.

Not to mention, Matika products are better in quality and thus the price seem to be high.

2.      Experience

Matika, Dewalt, and a few other companies with a history of more than a century, there are a lot of companies that have not been around as long as they have.

There are some companies that started with a vague idea of what they wanted to do, but now have been able to expand and grow to be a big name in the production of power tools and accessories as well as other products as well as tools.

·         Dewalt

In 1924, the founders of Dewalt were operating a small metalworking shop in US. At the time, they were crafting metal parts for a wide array of household items, including sewing machines, fire extinguishers, and more.

Their focus was on delivering a high level of durability and quality. In fact, many of the parts they manufactured were meant to be a permanent part of a product.

As they continued to grow, they began to outsource quality parts from other parts of the world.

·         Matika

Matika is the oldest and most experienced tool manufacturing company in Japan. It was established in 1915 and called “Kabushiki geisha Makita” at that time.

Matika started in 1915 and have more experience in making tools than dewalt.

Matika tools are designed to not only be useful but, durable and economical as well. The wide variety of tools available helps to solve many of your toughest jobs.

Matika tools are made to last and there are fewer complaints comparing to other brands.

Final Verdict

Is Dewalt better than Makita? Yes, in terms of money but “NO” in terms of quality.

Both tool brands are great but if you’re okay in spending a few dollars extra just to get a tiny bit of improvement in the quality of the product than for sure going with Matika is a route you need to go with.