How Often Replace Traeger Drip Tray? [3 Points]

How Often Replace Traeger Drip Tray?
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In this post, we’ll talk about how often replace traeger drip tray?

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How Often Replace Traeger Drip Tray?

This may not be what you expect to hear, but the drip tray is supposed to be replaced periodically or when you use it a lot for cooking.

Also, change your drip tray if your grill is not working properly. An old, dirty drip tray can cause your grill to malfunction and cause your food to not taste any better.

After every 5 cooks within a month is a great way to keep yourself calculated. Or if you’ve cooked for a long session maybe for a large family than you can replace traeger drip tray in that case too.

3 Best Traeger Drip Tray

1.      Long Usage

Traeger grill drip pans are the ones who are responsible for collecting the drippings from your food.

Your grill will come with a drip pan that you will have to replace once you’ve used it for a long time. The drip pan will be placed underneath to catch all the drippings from your food and meat.

The drip pan will usually be made of aluminum. Over time the drip pan will get damaged, if the grill is used on a regular basis. This will lead to the risk of fire. The drip pan can be easily removed and it can be cleaned or changed if not damaged.

2.      Pick A Number (4-8)

If you’ve made the food in your Traeger 4-8 times, it’s time to replace the drip tray. The Traeger drip tray is manufactured from a single sheet of aluminium steel and is designed to be the best.

It will begin to lose its value and after four to eight uses can become rusty if exposed to acidic foods or cleaners.

The Traeger drip tray is very easy to clean (if you don’t want to insert a fresh one) and only takes a few minutes to replace.

3.      If You See It’s Dirty

When you barbeque using the Traeger grill, you will notice that there will be some fat drippings that will collect on the drip tray. It is important that you check on the tray and clean it regularly, especially if you are cooking for a large group of people.

There will also be smoke that will accumulate on the tray, and this means that you should clean the tray as soon as you can or especially when you spot that it’s looking dirty and needs a quick clean up or better, install the tray from scratch.