Can Breathing In Essential Oils Be Harmful? [3 Things]

Can Breathing In Essential Oils Be Harmful?
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Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in medicine and for other natural remedies.

Nowadays, there are essential oils that can be inhaled, applied topically or taken internally to help with a variety of different health conditions.

There are many benefits to using essential oils including: relieving stress and anxiety, improving moods and sleeping patterns, improving skin quality and appearance, reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system.

But, don’t they have any side effects? In this post, we’ll talk about can breathing in essential oils be harmful?

Let’s find out!

Can Breathing In Essential Oils Be Harmful?

Essential oils are derived from plants and herbs and can be used for a variety of things including beauty, health and household cleaning. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to enhance the mind and body and many people believe that they can treat a variety of medical conditions.

While essential oils can help with a number of ailments, some oils should be avoided because there is not enough information about their safety.

Most aromatherapy professionals recommend using only therapeutic grade essential oils because they are often produced in a certified laboratory and may contain fewer impurities than other grades. So these essential oils are not harmful and breathing is not a problem at all if you’re going with the quality oils.

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1.      No It’s Not Possible

Breathing in essential oils can’t be harmful and not even possible.

The aroma of an essential oil can alter your mood and it is true that they do have some very positive effects on the mind and body.

But how would you feel if someone told you that you’re not getting the benefits of breathing in essential oils in fact what you’re having is an illusion that it’s working when in reality it’s not.

You should know that breathing in essential oils is completely safe and is not harmful at all but…

2.      Vocs Can Become Harmful

Many essential oils are advertised to have healing properties. They are said to help relieve stress, treat colds, soothe headaches, and relieve other ailments. But while the benefits of essential oils are highly debatable, their safety is not.

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are toxic chemicals that can cause serious health problems in both humans and animals. Many essential oils have high VOC content which can lead to respiratory irritation, eye irritation, nausea, asthma attacks, and even death in some rare cases.

That’s why it’s important to…

3.      Don’t Go Overboard If It’s Not Part Of Your Therapeutic Regimen

Essential oils and aromatherapy are supposed to reduce stress and promote health, but if you’re not careful you could end up harming yourself. Many people breathe in way too much essential oils and almost on a daily basis it’s like a habit for them.

However, the airways can become inflamed and irritated when people breathe in too many essential oils, and this irritation can lead to breathing problems because simply our bodies are not designed this way.

If you’re not sure how much essential oil is safe to breathe in we recommend just once and week and more if essential oils are not a part of your therapeutic regimen.